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Sam’s Stories

This is the first story The Guide in the series of books about Sam. I set this Story in Dublin Ireland, Sam comes back to Earth after Guiding soles over after they die. He has taken a body of a young man and he sets up his new life. An Angel Blesses/Curses him with immortality.Continue reading “Sam’s Stories”


Hi I am thinking of uploading a full novel for free Message me and let me know what one you want to read for free? What would you like to read about? One novel tells the story of a modern-day Banshee. She targets rapists and pedophiles and eats them. Is it wrong what she isContinue reading “Home”

Sam’s Stories The Irishman is out Now available in eBook Paperback and Hardback

The following paragraphs are from my first book The Guide to give you an example of my writing. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. “Why are you tormenting this boy? I’ll see what I can do to help the boy, but I won’t kill him – not for you or anybody else”, I shouted at the old man. “Help him then, and don’t make promises you won’t be able to keep. When you get to be my age, you will know what the world can do to the beautiful, kind and caring people. The years turn them into hateful ugly people, full of destruction”.

2) Just then the door to the flat opened and in walked Growler, another member of his gang who likes to bite people in a fight and omits a deep growl. His chin was covered in blood.

“How did the talks go, Growler?” said Harry, sparking a few more laughs.

Growler looked confused. “I thought you said to fuck them up?” he said looking at Harry.

Harry smiled and turned to John. “Oh no, there must’ve been some miscommunication on my part. When I come to confession you can give me ten Hail Mary’s, Father”,

3) “Bollox to that” said Harry, “Sam, you’re opening the door. If anyone is getting shot or stabbed, it’s the fucker who can heal”. “Once the door is open, we attack. Anything that moves you either shoot or hit, even you Father. I think we may be up against it here and we’ll need all the help we can get.”

4) This time I searched her again, I searched her eyes. I set about rectifying the vessels and nerves that had been damaged all those years ago. Slowly I could feel everything shifting into place. I heard Lucy gasping as light came into her eyes for the first time in nearly two thousand years. I finished and looked up at her face. She had her eyes closed so tightly. “What have you done?” she asked. “I hope I helped”,

5) He was stuck in a cave, but it might as well be a palace because when he looked at her the whole world fell away.

The days he spent with her were the best days of his life.

6) “A man who cannot die, and an angel with a flaming sword? I think we should be enough”, said Uriel. “Oh and Awan if she wants in?” he said to the punk girl. “I thought you’d never ask”, she said. Her punk outfit changed and became some leather chainmail sexy outfit. She was holding two long curved blades that spanned maybe three foot each. “I love when you do that”, said Uriel with a smile.

7) “Is there anybody who you won’t heal?” she asked. “No, all races and religions are the same to me. Is that what you meant?”, I said to her. “She nodded and said, “What about murderers or rapists?”. I thought about it and replied, “I think it would have to be case by case. I’ve known murderers and they were nice people.

8) “Will you live forever?” asked a little girl, who looked just like my Lisbeth had when she was young. “I hope not”, I said.

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