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This is the first story The Guide in the series of books about Sam. I set this Story in Dublin Ireland, Sam comes back to Earth after Guiding soles over after they die. He has taken a body of a young man and he sets up his new life.

An Angel Blesses/Curses him with immortality. To atone for his actions, he has to complete tasks set by the Angel. This leads him to find a young boy called Max, who might be the second coming of Christ. He also finds the love of his life, Henrietta. Can he save them both while fighting Demons, Fairies and the catholic Church?

We follow Sam, Max and Henrietta on their journey. We visit Dublin, Italy and Regnum Lux, the fairy world.

The Irishman: Following on from The Guide Sam is on the run and is living in England and working as a Private investigator. A new case of a missing girl reveals some old friends from his past. Sam finds himself on the wrong side of Demons and the Law. This is a fast paced book with lots of twists and turns and some characters that will surprise you. if you liked The Guide you will love this.

Interview done with CHI over Zoom, see how I get my ideas and how i set out a story.

This review was done by Grace O’Reilly for

Grace is a wonderful author herself. She has varied types of writing works, like poetry, prose, memoir, short stories, and is working on her novels at the moment.

you can find her on her blog

Feedback from Olympia Publishers

We agree your work is well-written with an imaginative narrative, we believe that your work deserves a chance to reach the wider market

“It is a page turner, with a mix of several themes, plots and characters.  It would make a great T.V series on Netflix or the likes.” 

Grace OReilly

this is taken from the Guide, this was the room Sam was held in and tortured, this amazing artwork was done by katarina1928 on Fiverr

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