This website is here for you so you can see what I’m working on now and what and when new books are coming out.

Download all 3 books the the Sam Story novels this month

from the 15th of May till the 02nd June . (For Free)

Hayes Books

The Guide , The Irishman & The Puppet are out now!

just added the stand alone book (In the time they have left)

Free in May to Download

3 books in Sam’s Stories are out now. get all three!

Please leave a review, it is very important.

check out my you-tube story if you want to see how I write a book. from coming up with the main idea, formatting your pages to character building, plots, twists, step by step chapter and information on each chapter that can help you write your own book.

Latest from my writing

About Author:

Martin Declan Hayes. Born in Dublin in 1978.

Father of three. Two Daughters Ella and Katie and a Step Son Conor.

I have written three books in Sams Stories. The first is The Guide, you can now buy it on Amazon by clicking on the link above, it is available in EBOOK, Paperback and Hardback. The second book is out now it is called The IrishMan. The third is called The puppet. Please leave a review.

Martin Declan Hayes

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