This website is here for you so you can see what I’m working on now and what and when new books are coming out.

Sams Stories and stand alone books.

Hayes Books

The Guide & The Irishman are out now the third novel in Sams stories is coming soon!

Hi I am thinking of uploading a full novel for free. Message me and let me know what one you want to read for free?

What would you like to read about?

One novel tells the story of a modern-day Banshee.

She targets rapists and pedophiles and eats them.

Is it wrong what she is doing? She is riding the world of evil men. This story makes you question is doing something wrong okay? From bad can there come good?

Also, can somebody who does bad fine love? Do they deserve love? Can somebody love you if you don’t love yourself?

Or the second novel:

This novel tells the story of a father and son who buy a pill dispenser for their Chemist. They find out that the dispenser can predict when people are going to die. They thought it was glitchy at first when it only dispensed 12 tablets out of a month’s supply. Two tablets a day that’s 6 days.

What if you knew when people were going to die? Would you help them? if you would help are you going against god will? What if you save the next Hitler?

Latest from my writing

About Author:

Martin Declan Hayes. Born in Dublin in 1978.

Father of three. Two Daughters Ella and Katie and a Step Son Conor.

I have written three books in Sams Stories. The first is The Guide, you can now buy it on Amazon by clicking on the link above, it is available in EBOOK, Paperback and Hardback. The second book is out now it is called The IrishMan.

Martin Declan Hayes

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