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Chapter one

“I don’t care if he hits me, you keep on filming, do you understand?” the camera man nodded. this is the hook. first line to grab people and make them want to continue to read

The door to the studio opened. Steve knew Arlo they had met before. A young man walked in beside him. (must be his new fuckbuddy) thought Steve.

Steve knew all about Arlo, today was the day he was going to catch him out.

“Hi thanks for meeting with me to do this interview. I am just going to start off asking a few questions.” Steve stuck out his hand and placed a big smile on his face.

“Perfect thanks for having me.” Arlo said while sitting down.

The camera man waved his hand beside his head and gave a three, two, one count. The cameras light flicked from red to green.

“Hi! Your watching (With Steve), and I am Steve Banks and today I am interviewing Arlo Thomas one of Irelands leading Psychics. Welcome Arlo”. The reporter nodded, Arlo nodded back with a smile “can you tell me what senses you use to communicate with the dead?”

“It is not easy to explain, I don’t know if I would call it a sense, I feel them, I call it a heighted intuition”.

“How do you see it, in your mind?”

“It is more than getting an image in my mind, I get smells, tastes, words, letters and images. The closest thing to it that I could say is, it is like a show being put on for me.”

“What age did you realise you could talk to the dead?”

“Very young, I don’t know but maybe three or four years old.”

“Do you ever get frightened by them?”

“I, its, well.” Arlo shifted in his seat. “Sometimes I get shown images that are scary or gruesome, but you push them away and move on.”

“Have you ever done a reading for somebody and given them bad news?”

“No, the dead use me to help their friends or family. I only give them good news.”

“When did you realise you could be making money out of it?”

“Sorry what?”

“You do make money from people who come to you, one lady said it was €500 to talk to her husband who had passed away.”

The interview was not going the way Arlo thought it was going to.  

“Yes, I charge for the work, I do, because it is work. Would you be an interviewer for free?”

“If I was one of only a few people who could do it and people got great joy from it, yes I could see myself doing it for free.”

“And live on what?” Arlo snapped back at him.  

“Do you pay tax?”

“This interview is over” Arlo pulled the mike off his lapel and unhooked the pack off his belt as he stood up.

“What is your net worth, you have been doing this for years now.”

“Good day I am finished” could be heard over the recording even though Arlo had taken his mike off.  

“You have nothing to say to me?”

Arlo leaned towards Steve and you could pick his Audio up clearly from Steve’s mike, “Oh but I do, the flowers were blue that day, he was wearing his hat when she brought the bat down on him that’s why you did not hear it from your bedroom”.

Arlo’s eyes seemed to expand and contract as he looked at Steve. Steve thought about his words later but there and then it was Arlo’s undulating eyes that frighten him.

Arlo looked over at his friend and headed for the door, his friend opened it just as he got to the door and the two of them walked out.

“did you get his eyes?” Steve turned to the camera man.


“his eyes were pulsing in and out, did you get it?”

“I don’t know, his head was turned towards you”

“lets go to play back” Steve patted the camera man on his back and turned him towards the door.

Matt walked out of the building and held the door for Arlo. Matt was thin and tall he stopped measuring himself when he was sixteen, then he was 6ft 3”. With his long flowing hair, you would easily mistake him for a woman from behind. It has happened before. His mother always harped on at him about hanging around with Arlo.

(people know he is the way he is, you will get painted with the same brush) what she meant was Arlo was bisexual and people would think Matt was as well.

Matt was secure in his sexuality. He was a straight white male.  His friendship with Arlo started when he was ten. Arlo was this weedy little kid; he had just moved to the area and nobody had seen a black kid before. Arlo would point out that he was not black he was mixed race, that did not matter to the kids in Meath, where everybody looked like a milk bottle and if you got a tan if you were away, everybody called you a nigger when you got home.

Nigger was used by everybody back then; it was not meant as an insult just as a way of describing somebody. As kids there was no venom behind it. It something they heard their parents saying at home and just bandy it about when the chance came up. When Arlo moved into the area the chance came up a lot. The first time Arlo heard it he had to ask his dad what it meant.

Matt was always into books and had just read a book called King, by David L Lewis. Matt had talked about it to his father who was also a big reader. His books were all about Irish history. Matt had read them as well.  

He was comparing what Martin Luther King had gone through to Irish History, his father had listened intently. That was until he brought up Eamon de Valera. The pain in his face registered before he heard the slap. He stopped talking and held his hand to his face feeling the tears well up in his eyes. “don’t you dare compare that nigger to Eamon de Valera”. That was the day Matt changed his opinion who he looked up to. Till that very second his father had always been the man he looked up to. With one slap that changed everything.

His father had hit him before everybody’s parents did at that time. Before it had been for not doing a task or forgetting to make his bed never because of something he had read.

That day was the first time he thought about Arlo, how hard it must be for him. He decided right then to be his friend. Looking back at it he probably did it just to piss off his father, or to make up for his father. No matter how he got there, he was Arlo’s friend.

Years had passed. They had grown up together. Arlo had worried a lot about telling Matt he was BI, well he thought he was Gay first, then found himself hip deep in a girl from school on a camping trip. By then Arlo had grown big and strong, his skin tone was the colour of Caramel and the girls could not keep their eyes off him.

Arlo being Gay or Bi never bothered Matt, the only time Matt seriously thought there might have been a strain in their relationship was when Arlo told him about the ghosts and talking with dead people. That freaked him out. Big time.

Matt had an aunt that passed away when he was eight, she had been very old, thin and bent over. Her fingers had been bent this way and that by arthritis. When he had been brought to visit her, she freaked him out. She always wanted to kiss him on the cheek and her little bony fingers would wrap around his shoulders as she leaned over to kiss him. This is the image he got when Arlo told him about Ghosts.

What Matt did not know, and Arlo never told him was he was very close. His Aunt had visited Arlo, her bony fingers had rested on his shoulders and he knew she was fully aware when she was alive that Matt had not liked her, and she did it to upset him. Arlo was not her relative and shrugged her off and sent her away. 

Matt and Arlo had been through a lot together. Matt’s father had tried to keep them apart when they were younger and when he died Matt’s Mother took over saying Matt was putting shame on the family hanging around with the likes of that. She would not even bring herself to say Arlo’s name.

Outside his family there were other things as well. He was called a nigger lover, he was called Gay, he was called Arlo’s bitch. He thought it would stop when they left school, but this is Ireland and unless you’re living in Dublin it is very hard to be Gay, Black or even slightly different. Bigotry is alive and well and living in Meath. Matt found it hard but Arlo and himself never talked about it. They would joke about Matt getting a tan and them being twins and Arlo did dress up as a pint of Guinness one Halloween. That was Arlo wearing a black suit and spraying his hair white and stuck a Guinness sticker on his back.

The two never fought but several times fought together. Fights were commonplace at school. Arlo gained muscle mass when he was around fourteen and things changed for them then, Matt was now Thirty-four and was still waiting for his muscle mass to come in.

Matt had left school and gotten a job in Dublin as a runner of RTE the pay was shit but he was surrounded by famous people and he was taking acting lessons when he had the money or time.

Arlo moved to Dublin with him and the two got a flat together, Arlo picked up work as a butcher, so they were never short on meat. Arlo hated it.

In 1988 Michael Jackson came to Ireland, Matt and Arlo had still been at school but anywhere you looked the news was all about wacko Jacko, Matt had taken a newspaper and saved it to show Arlo after school. A psychic called Mark Lewis was after doing a reading for Michael Jackson and they had published it in the papers. Both Matt and Arlo read it several times. Arlo had just started looking into this type of thing.

“you could do this type of thing” Matt said shaking the paper at Arlo.

“It’s all guess work, based on the date he was born and where the stars align themselves, there must be hundreds if not thousands of people born the same time as him, does that mean the horoscope is the same for all of them”

“it does not matter” let me hold this away from you” Matt moved four, five steps back “okay tell me the names you can read off the page now”

“Michael Jackson and Mark Lewis”.


Arlo smiled; he was looking at Matt who had the biggest grin on his face. “who will people be talking about when Jacko goes back home” Matt had cover Michael’s name so the only one left that he could see was the psychics.

“you could do this”.

“I could do it, only better” Arlo walked over to matt and grabbed the paper back to read the story again.

This had stayed with Arlo his whole life; he was separating the good quality meat to be turned into different cuts and what was going to be minced. The words “you could do this” floated into his brain. He smiled looked up at a lady who was waiting to get her sausages and said “better”.


“nothing sorry” he said taking off his apron and handing it to the man beside him, “tell John thanks for everything but I quit”. That was the last time Arlo grafted for work.

That night when Matt got back to the flat Arlo was finishing a bottle of cheap red. “good day?” Matt hung up his coat in the small hallway as he looked at Arlo.

“great day”

Looking at Arlo sitting at the table with a big smile on his face was contagious. Matt could not help himself. He felt the smile start to creep into his face even before he new what they were smiling about.

Arlo leaned down and picked up a second bottle and unscrewed the cap “grab a glass and let me tell you how your life is going to change” Matt picked up a glass on his way to the table.

That night the two men got very drunk while they set about their plan to take over the world. Arlo had bought a pack of Tarot cards and as they talked, he flipped cards.

“things are looking good for us Matt things look good”.

The next morning Matt woke up to Arlo shoving him. “get up your late for work” Matt shook his head and regretted it right away. The pain exploded. “oh fuck, I don’t think I can go in today”

“up and at them soldier. We have a plan” it slowly came back to Matt that he said he would get Arlo in to meet one of the presenters. He might have over sold his importance to Arlo and had no idea how he would get him a meeting with anybody at RTE. Matt dragged himself out of bed and looked back at Arlo.

He did not remember getting into bed with Arlo, but it was nothing new they often slept together, nothing ever went on between them. Matt had told him years ago, after he had a few drinks on him “you know nothing can happen between us. I like girls” .Arlo had smiled back at him and what he said opened Matts eyes. “that and you’re not my type you skinny fuck, aren’t you full of yourself” Matt had blushed at the time. Even got a bit offended thinking to himself (why not me)

As he lumbered out of bed towards the bathroom, he looked back at Arlo lying in the bed still a big smile on his face as he turned his head slowly, he heard “your still not my type” and they both laughed. “you would be lucky to have me” Matt felt like he was talking with Moths in his mouth and turned on the cold tap and took a big drink of water.

He washed in cold water and got dressed. As he walked into his bedroom again to grab his shoes there was no sign of Arlo just a glass of water on the dresser and two pain killers.

He left the apartment and went to work, he had seen two simi famous people that day and had tried to approach the two of them on different occasions with no luck, he was side lined by his manager on one occasion and the other time the presenter walked away from him as he was talking. Prick. he thought as he gathered his coat and left for the day. The sun had just hit his face when he heard “who is a prick?”

Arlo was standing in front of him. He had a lady’s hand in his and was staring into her face. I blinked as I saw who it was. It was Miriam O’Callaghan; she was a presenter with her own show, and she looked lost staring back at Arlo.

“it was really nice to meet you Miriam, I hope to see you again. Maybe I could do a proper reading for you some night” Matt was not sure, but he thought she blushed. “you have my number, call me”.

She walked away towards the staff carpark. Arlo smiled at Matt. He got his first interview the month after. He got his second interview the month after that and it bombed. The interviewer tried to discredit him. He asked him where he had studied, where he learned the trade, was he ever tested. Arlo got slated as a flyby guy, trying to scam people. He said he would never let that happen again. He studied as much as he could, he went to a psychic school once, right away he knew half of them were crazy the other half were delusional and there might have been two or three real psychics, but they were not even sure what they were themselves and they were teaching. He picked up books on Precognition the book explained about the ability to perceive or gain knowledge about future events. This was nothing new to Arlo he had just never known the name for it.

He read about Psychometry that were just by touching something you got a reading for the person who owned it. Another book about Mediumship and one about Psychokinesis, that was the only one that stumped him. He would sit for hours trying to move things with just his mind.

Over the next few years Arlo mastered his craft, he started to go to shows that Psychics would put on just to get the showmanship. The vast majority were con men and women. There were some real ones, the last one he went to was a lady, she called herself Psychic Sue, after reading her Arlo new her name was Rebecca. Psychic Sue told him she had a message from somebody for him. She started going through the alphabet. Staring at him A-B-C-D-E yes E a person whose name starts with E. Arlo smiled.

“can you think of a dead person whose name starts with the letter E who would want to talk to you”.  


“it’s a Fe”

Arlo frowned

“It’s a male with the letter E starting his name”

Arlo smiled again.

“this man thought you a lot”

“oh yes he did”

“he wants you to know he is proud of you and to keep it up”

“oh amazing” Arlo grinned.

“would you care to tell everybody who was here for you tonight?” Sue waved her hand at the people who surrounded Arlo

Arlo stood up as he had seen other people do. He looked around at the crowd “tonight Psychic Sue sent me a message from Elvis, he thought me so much” Arlo started shaking his hips and everybody laughed. Sue turned bright red and walked away from him. She wrapped up her act as best she could and made a break for it as soon as she was done.

Arlo was waiting outside in the carpark leaning against her car. She saw him and he could tell she was not a happy person. “if you’re not a believer, things won’t happen for you. You should not have made a joke out of what I do”. Her voice was getting louder. Arlo talked quietly “oh I do believe”.

“well, what is your problem then”

“I just don’t believe in you Psychic Sue; you are a con-man oh woman”.

“how dare you”

“I have a message for you Sue or should I say Rebecca”

She stopped talking, her eyes got bigger, and her lips were shut so tight you could hardly see them.

“a woman called Wendy, Your Mother, wants you to know, that she is not in any pain. That as soon as she passed the pain when away. She thanks you for doing what you did. And the answer to your question is (it is not a sin) all you did was to help her”.

Sue or Rebecca, the woman standing in front of Arlo, burst into tears. Arlo wrapped his arms around her. In doing this he saw what her mother was talking about. Her mom had been a very sick woman. She had cancer everywhere, it was in her bones. The more it grew the more pain she was in. every day she lived brought her so much pain. Rebecca was in charge of dispensing her pain killers. As the pain got worse Rebecca would add extra pain killers to the chart and put them aside. She did this for two weeks. When she thought she had enough she overdosed her mother. To look at it, her mom closed her eyes and just never woke up. But the grimace of pain on her mother’s face was gone.

Arlo moved away from her.  She had to hold onto her car to steady herself.

“I want to be like you, I want it to be real. Help me be like you.”

“trust me, you don’t want to be like me” Arlo walked away into shadows of Dublin City.

That’s the first Chapter let me know what you think, if you have any ideas of your own let me know.

Chapter Two,

in this chapter I will be expanding the character list, keeping the tension and adding more conflict .

(Have you nothing to say to me?) that smug bastard. It played over and over in Arlo’s mind. Sitting there with his stupid fucking face. Ohh I should have hit him. Prick. (have you nothing) smack right in the face. That would have taken that look off his face. Ohh I should have.

Arlo could not even remember walking out of the room. That asshole had totally side swiped him. He was nice as fucking pie before the interview. “To top it off not one of you fuckers warned me”. He said dotting his finger around the empty room.

Arlo had locked himself in his escape room. Times like this it was his escape room other times it was where he went if he was having trouble contacting a ghost or needed a more solid grasp on things. Matt could hear him shouting even behind the padded door. They had soundproofed the room as best they could.

(I need to talk to you)

“fuck off I told you already to fuck off, you do not have the right to speak to me”

(oh, stop being such a baby and listen to me)


Matt heard that crystal clear. He looked over at the door from the chair he was sitting in. Arlo hated being cornered, he always had the answers ready. He has just not been himself the last few days. Matt knew something or somebody was bothering Arlo, that was another thing about Arlo that Matt did not like. He did not share.

Arlo looked around this empty room that now was empty it looks like when he had shouted at her to fuck off, they all did. Arlo slipped off the chair and onto the floor within two minutes he was snoring his head off. Matt heard that as well.

For years Arlo had been having night terrors, from skinny scary ghosts grabbing at him to black shadowed gathering in his room. Most nights he woke up in a sweat. The last two nights it had gotten so much worse. A woman he did not know came to him. She was maybe sixty years old, black; her hair was long and greying.  Everything about her was pleasant, her voice. Her face. Her nature. Not like the normal ghost that visited him. She did carry with her something that was unreachable. Something dark. Something not of her.

Arlo listened as she told him she needed help. He listened when she told him she had been murdered. He listened when she said sorry. He asked her why she was sorry. He listened when she told him she had left him as a baby and that was as far as he listened. Arlo was hard-headed it had served him well growing up. He was quick to jump to conclusion. He was slow to let things go. But his own mother showing up now that she has passed away looking for his help was more than he could take. He had exploded with rage. Even hours after he woke up his head was still splitting. Two days later sleeping on the floor in his escape room his head was still sore.

Matt decided to ring Arlo’s Father, he was a nice man and he had looked after Arlo all on his own. Matt liked him and he liked Matt. He had asked him once why him and Arlo had never ended up together. Like it was the most natural thing in the world to say. “I think you two would be so good together”.

Yet again Matt had to point out he was not gay. “I love your son but not in that way” he had said. “why?”

“well it might have something to do with me being straight”

Arlo’s dad had laughed and then apologised when he realised Matt was telling him the truth. “oh I am sorry I just thought” Matt had put up his hand and stopped him “it’s the fucking hair” they both laughed.

Now when he rang Arlo’s dad he said “hello Mr Thomas its your daughter in law here” it always gave them both a laugh. 

“ahh Matt how are ya?”

“I am good thanks, how are you?”

“not a bother on me, what can I do for my daughter in-law today?”

“well, its Arlo, he is okay, he is not injured or anything like that, but his night terrors are now becoming day terrors. It’s only the last few days and I was getting worried”.

“oh, any plans today? I can call around”

“we are not moving outside the flat”

“I will see you in about 2 hours”

“great I will put on something nice for you Mr Thomas”

“if we are getting that friendly you better call me James” the two of them laughed again and said their goodbyes.

Arlo woke up stiff, he hit his head off the chair as he went to stand up, the knocking on the door was a new thing Matt knew not to interrupt him when he was in his room. He wiped his mouth spittle had gathered as he slept.

He opened the door towards him and there stood his Dad. A smile came to his face. “well, hello handsome”. “hi Dad, what has you over?”

Arlo gave his dad a hug and walked out of the room with him. Matt was making coffee and talking with Laura. Laura was married to Arlo’s dad nearly six years they had been together.

Arlo liked Laura, she adored his father, and he could tell she was good for him. That did not stop the little pang of jealousy he felt. It had been him and his dad together all his life. Now he had to share him.

Arlo walked over to Laura and kissed her on the cheek. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a squeeze. “you are so grown-up Arlo”.

“what has you guys up in the big smoke?”

“can a father not just stop by to say hello?”

Arlo looked at Matt then at his dad, “okay maybe Matt rang me, but I was going to call in anyway”.

Arlo sat down and Matt passed him a cup of coffee. “Judas”. “I think I will take my coffee and silver into my bedroom and let you guys talk” matt picked up his coffee and saluted them before heading to his bedroom.

“what’s going on with you pal?”

“dad its”

“don’t tell me its nothing”

“Laura could I talk to my dad alone please?” this took James and Laura by surprise. Arlo had never excluded Laura before he actually said that she comforts him, she has a nice aura.

Laura picked up her coffee and walked over to Matts room and knocked on the door. They heard Matt shout come in and she closed the door behind her.

“must be something big”

“I had a visit from mom”

“what she came here, I told her to stay away from you”.

“what?” Arlo swung around so he was facing his father. “you have spoken to her? why did you not tell me?”.

“I thought she would leave again I did not want to hurt you”

“when did you talk to her?”

“about three days ago, she showed up at the house”

“what did she want?”

“she said she was in trouble and wanted to see you. I told her I did not want her near you”.

“dad when I said she visited me, she visited me like nana use too”.

“she is dead?” James put his hands to his face. A single tear spilled from his eye. He wiped it away quickly.


“so even when she is dead, she is causing trouble”.

Arlo asked him what else she had said, James explained they did not talk that much. He had told her to stay away from Arlo. She told him she was in trouble. He had said what’s new there. then closed the door on her. The interaction lasted about two minutes.

Another tear formed in James’s right eye he wiped it away again “I have cried all the tears for that woman years ago when she left us”.

Arlo was just about to get off his chair when there was a knock on the door. “sorry dad I will see who that is, give me one second”

Arlo walked to the door and opened it.

A man stood there with a badge raised about chest hight. “Garda Paschal Adams”

“yes Garda how can I help you?”

“I would like to ask you some questions may I come in?” he said walking in without waiting to be asked. Arlo stumbled backwards. “yes” he turned and walked back to the kitchen, Garda Adams had closed the door and followed him.

“what’s this about?” Arlo looked at his dad and flashed big eyes at him as some type of warning.

“oh your not alone, I could come back at another time if you would like”.

“this is my father” Arlo pointed at his dad.

“oh that actually saves me a trip”

“How can we help?” James said.

The door to the bedroom opened and out walked Laura and Matt. Matt hesitated for a second when he saw the garda.

“is there any more people here today?” asked the Garda. “no that’s it, this is my father’s wife Laura and my flatmate Matt”.

“the reason I am here today is to ask you two” pointing fingers at Arlo and his father, “if you have been in touch with a lady called Ramla Amaechi”.

Arlo winced at her name “no”

“I spoke to her a few days ago, she came to my house” James stood up. Laura walked over to him “you never said anything?”

“I hoped she would not be back”

“did you two fight or argue?”

“no, not really, I told her to stay away from Arlo and I closed the door on her”.

“that sounds like an argument to me”.

“call it what you like” James took Laura’s hand.

“and you have not spoken to her” the garda directed his question to Arlo.

“no, what’s this about?”

“I am currently conducting an investigation into the death of Miss Amaechi, there is suspicious circumstances surrounding her death and I am trying to find out more information”.

Nobody said anything. “why does it feel like the guy with the long hair was the only one who did not know she was dead?” Garda Adams pointed at Matt.  “what” Matt looked at everybody else.

“we don’t know anything about her death, sorry we wont be able to help you Garda Adams”. Arlo stood up from the counter he was leaning against.

As Arlo walked towards the Garda and the door Garda Adams asked him one more question “what is it you do for a living Mr Thomas”

“a little bit of everything” he reached behind the garda and opened the door.

“I took the opportunity to look you up before coming here Mr Thomas, it said you are a psychic”.

“I am a lot of things; I am also a butcher” he winced hoping his mother was not hacked to death.  

“I just mention it because of your mothers name, Ramla Amaechi. It’s an African name”

“really I fail to see why that’s relevant”

“Translated to English your mothers name means (who will predict the future- who knows tomorrow)”.

“that is interesting, sorry we can’t be of more help” Arlo went to close the door. “I will keep in touch”, the garda turned and walked off down the landing towards the lift.

this is not the end of chapter two yet. but I am limited to writing while at work so this is where I have to stop. So far we have introduced Arlo’s father, his wife, Arlo’s mother and the Garda investigating her death.

We have talked about Arlo’s night terrors and how it affects him, we talked about the jealousy however slight he feels towards he step mother. We are still building the relationship between Matt and Arlo and added tension with the introduction of the Garda investigating the death of Arlo’s mother. we have also introduced tension between Arlo and his now dead mother.

as I said before if you would like to get involved leave a comment or contact me on

“can somebody fill me in on what’s going on?” Matt looked from Arlo to his dad.

“Arlo’s mother has died and is now visiting Arlo” James looked brow beaten.

“not if I can fucking help it” Arlo walked back from the door and picked up his coffee. “well coffee is not doing it for me today who wants to go to the pub?”

Matt stuck up his hand in the air like he was back at school and he knew the answer to the teacher’s question. James supressed a grin looking at Matt he thought the situation too grim, but that boy could make him laugh. He raised his hand along with Matt. Laura hopped off the chair she had taken “I am Spartacus”.

“looks like we are all in, who’s paying?” Arlo looked at his father sheepishly.

“Oh I will, come on get your coats” James said picking his off the chair he had been sitting on.

Garda Adams sat in his car writing in his notepad. He was detailed in his notes. He wrote everything he had seen, down to the face Arlo pulled when he heard his mother’s name.

The only one who Adam’s thought was innocent was the long hair guy the flat mate, Arlo had named him as Matt. Not that he had much going for him apart from the surprise first when he saw a copper in his flat, Adams had seen him when he walked out of what was probably his bedroom and again, when they were talking about the mother, he had not got a clue what was going on. Was ignorance enough, for Adam’s gut yes it was.  

The other three knew about her death before he went in there. he could see it on their faces. He had gotten really good at reading people even when they said nothing. it had not been in the papers and he knew it had not been talked about outside his squad.

This case was getting more and more complicated as the hours went on. As Adam’s put his notepad in his chest pocket he looked up and saw the four of them coming out of the flat complex. He pulled his visor down so they could not see him, and he could only see their feet as they walked past. When they had past, he opened his door and went to the boot. There he took out a long gray coat and stuck it on over his uniform. He felt like he had to follow them.

He followed after them just as they turned the corner. He walked slowly when he got to the corner, he spotted them almost at the top of the next road. Yet again he did not rush he got to the top of the road and saw them cross a wooden bridge over one of the many canals in Dublin. He walked past the canal bridge and continued in the same direction as they were going on the opposite side of the canal.

Just as they got to the pub there was a doorway right behind him. He faded into the blackness of the doorway. From across the street, he would not be seen. Arlo had held the door open for everybody just as he went to walk in, the door stopped in his hand. His shoulders turned and next his head. Adam’s pushed himself up against the door. From here it looked that Arlo was looking right at him, but he was sure he could not be seen.

so in this short segment that will finish off Chapter two we explain what the Garda is thinking. he had ruled out Matt of any wrong doing (as a reader are you on the same page?) he also thought Arlo, his father James and his wife Laura knew about the death of Ramla before he got there. if we are following the story the Garda is wrong Laura did not know about it, but is Garda Adams right? he has been doing this a long time.

we are trying to make the reader question what we have told them. as a writer we give out information some of it can be hidden. later on we can touch on this again to make the reader request it. what if a print from Laura showed up at the murder. then again what if somebody linked Matt looking for sellotape and super glue to then reading somewhere you can transfer a print by making a superglue mold on sellotape. ( we might not go in that direction but the option is there.

 Chapter Three

Steve had downloaded the video clip and gone over it and over it.

It was a pointless interview he was angry at himself, he attacked to soon, he should have built up trust. It was two and a half minutes long.

He rushed it; he would never get another chance with Arlo. There would be other people, but Arlo would never agree to another interview. His job is not to frustrate people or to embarrass them his job is answers. To get the answers for the people. He had wasted a month of preparation, of investigating. He had wasted money, time, and effort for this shit and at the end of it you could not even see Arlo’s eyes.

He was giving himself a hard time about the interview but so were his bosses. At the end of the day, it was their money he wasted. He knew there was a story there. Steve had investigated Arlo, he could not see any tax returns but that does not mean there was none. Arlo could be under a company. Steve did not find his name on any company lists but these famous people don’t use their real name much.

Steve had interviewed ten people who said they had readings with Arlo, all came back singing his praises. Even another psychic a woman called Sue said he was the real deal. Steve had found out Arlo had been tested in Scotland. A university were doing a study and had put out a call for all real psychics it looks like Arlo took part in that study, but Steve could not find any reports from it or get any information. He spoke to the Dean at the university, the professor who conducted the study had been let go and the Dean was keeping tight lipped. Steve knew there was a story there, but nobody was talking.

Unfortunately for Steve this was not his first fuck up. he was a good reporter but just lately things have been going wrong for him. Two months before he had broken a huge story. It was a story about child abuse in a teenage offender’s home. He had a mole on the inside who was feeding him information.

The story went national and lots of interest was shown until it was found out that the informant was not a mole that worked there but an ex-inmate who had a wild imagination.

The story was discredited, and Steve had gotten a slap on is wrist for that, he had also been docked money and fined. Now he was just getting back to some sort of financial stability. He had a meeting with the chief at the paper’s office that day at eleven.

Steve was preparing his notes and getting ready for the meeting. he was playing the video clip of the interview on loop and flicking over what he had written down when he heard Arlo saying again “Oh but I do, the flowers were blue that day.” An image of forget-me-nots sprang into his mind. They always reminded him of his father. He remembered sitting outside watching his father pottering around his garden, flowers everywhere. The first two beds were full of forget-me-nots his father had planted them to remember his wife, Steve’s mother.

Steve’s phone rang and disturbed him out of whatever trance he had been in. he grabbed the phone and answered it. “its not looking good pal” it was Max his friend in the paper. “they have already gathered in the boardroom”. “what? Already I am not meeting them for another hour”

“I know I just thought I would give you a heads up”

“goodman, I am on my way in, be there in ten”

“I will have a coffee waiting”

Steve hung up his phone and stuck it in his pocket. He gathered up his notes and picked up his jacket on his way out.

James and Laura had booked into a hotel and were recovering from the night before. They had booked breakfast in bed and were woken at 9 to a knocking on the hotel door. James wheeled the trolley in and poured coffee for the two of them.  

He got back into bed and as Laura sat up the blanket fell into her lap as she took the cup James had handed her. Her breasts were that of a twenty-year-old woman, well that’s what the doctor had said. Laura trained most days and kept herself fit. James often wondered why she was still with him.  

He smiled at Laura, she lifted the blankets to cover herself “you men, there just boobs”

“ahh you will never know the enjoyment we get out of seeing them” he laughed.

They enjoyed their breakfast and once the food had settled, they enjoyed each other. Sure, why not they did not have to check out for a few hours. James was just getting out of the shower when Laura came into the bathroom with his phone. “Copper on the phone for you” she whispered as she handed him the phone with her hand covering the mouth part.

James stood in the bathroom naked and took the phone “hello, James speaking”

“hello, Mr Thomas, I briefly spoke to you yesterday I am Garda Adam’s I was wondering if you would be able to come into the station today to make a statement”.

“as I said yesterday, I don’t know anything”

“that might be the case Sir, but you were one of the last persons to see Miss Amaechi alive and we need to take a statement from you”.

“fine yes I will call in today what station”

James got the details and hung up. Laura had stayed in the bathroom listening as they spoke. “fucking woman still causing problems even when she is dead”. Laura said nothing. She turned and headed back to the bedroom while James dried himself off.

Steve had finished his coffee and was sitting outside the boardroom waiting to go in. his meeting was for 11am. It was now 11.15am. they were keeping him waiting. His friend Max had walked past a few minutes ago and tapped his watch. Steve rolled his eyes as a response to still being there waiting. The door cracked open to the boardroom and the Chiefs PA stook her head out.

“Mr. Fine will see you now”

Steve stood up and brushed down the from of his suit, he hated wearing them, but tough times call for tough measures. He put on his best smile and followed the PA back into the room. The door was locked behind them.

Nearly an hour later he walked out of the room. Max had been passing regularly to make sure he got to Steve first. “what’s going on?”

Steve looked worn out. “I am on leave”

“they fired you?”

“no, I have to take two weeks leave to get my head sorted and then they are demoting me to junior writer, everything I write has to be passed by a senior writer first and my interview privileges have been taken away.


“he said I had talent, but I don’t understand hard work, so he wants me to start at the bottom again and work my way up. or I could look for somewhere else”.

“oh man that sucks”

“I know”

“what are you going to do?”

“I am going to Scotland to enjoy my two weeks off”

“what? why Scotland?”

“its for a study” Steve walked past Max and out the building. He was more determent now to find something on Arlo. Images of the small blue flowers came into his mind.

Laura had gotten a taxi to where they had left their jeep beside Arlo’s place the day before. She jumped in the jeep and started it up. Then she turned it off and left the jeep. She walked over to Arlo’s flat and knocked on his door. Arlo opened the door with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Laura did not know where to look. She loved James madly, but when you’re in front of a young man who could lift you above his head without breaking a sweat and could see the muscles and sinew for yourself well a hot flush took her over.

“Laura everything okay?” Arlo smiled. “you look very flushed”

“I ran up the stairs, I did not want to waist time, the garda rang your dad to come in for a statement so we are heading in now, I just came by to pick up the jeep”.

“oh looks like he is not letting this go”

“no it does not seem that way” Laura was looking at her shoes or the door frame anywhere but at Arlo.

“okay well I am sure he will come back to talk to me soon enough, tell dad to let me know how he gets on later”

“okay ya, no bother, I will see you soon” she stole another look at Arlo standing with just his towel on. She could feel her face get red again.

“bye Laura take care of yourself” he closed the door smiling as Laura walked down the hallway.

“what’s going on?” Matt was behind him.

“cops want to speak to Dad again”

“ah fuck, what are you smiling at?”

“no nothing” Arlo walked back to his bedroom and got dressed.

That night Steve was sipping a beer while looking for cheap flights to Scotland. Clicking on a flight time and booking his seat. It was an open ticket with a return he could book later. He was heading off the next day. He drained the beer and walked over to his bed and dragged out his travel bag from below the bed. he zipped it open and left it on his bed. Steve pulled open the top drawer and flung boxer shorts and socks into the bag from that drawer. He moved onto the next one that held his t-shirts and the next with jeans. He finished off with a bottle of aftershave and a bottle of deodorant. He brushed his teeth and gathered up his shaving bag and stuck his toothbrush in there to keep it safe then that went into his bag.

He looked over at the radio that was playing in his room and the time flashed 10:43. maybe to early to go to bed. he did not want another beer as he had brushed his teeth, but he did not think he would go asleep. He lifted the bag off his bed and stripped he pulled the blanket up on himself thinking (this is going to be a while) within minutes he was asleep.   

Steve was running home; he had been kept back for misbehaving at school and he wanted to be home before his dad, or he would get in trouble. His sister opened the door with a smile. She was only two years younger than him, but she acted like she was two years older. “oh, you’re in trouble” she opened the door wider and there was his father sitting at the kitchen table. “that’s enough out of you Ruthie” their father shouted from the table.

Ruthie looked shocked that he would speak to her that way. Steve pushed passed her and walked into the kitchen. “sorry dad”

“what are you sorry for?”

“for getting in trouble”

“so not for doing something bad but for getting caught?”

“yeah, ahh no I mean sorry for hitting albert in school”

“so you were fighting?”

“yes dad”

“right do you have homework?”


“take it out and sit at the table. When your finished you are going to bed with no dinner lets see if you have the energy to fight tomorrow”, he lifted his flat cap and scratched the top of his head then the hand came away and the cap fell back into place.

“yes dad” Steve took out his homework and started it right away. He was struggling with a maths question when his father snapped his fingers in front of his face, “the answer to that question is not buried in my flowers”. Steve had been staring out the window in the hope the answer would come to him. “sorry dad” Steve skipped that question and finished up his homework.

“I am done”

“right get a drink of water and go to bed”

Steve did as he was told. It was half five. It was going to be a long night.

As he walked to his room his sister was singing something like ha-ha-ha ha- ha- your -in -trouble. Finishing with her sticking out her tongue. Steve flipped her the bird with the hand that was not carrying his school bag and glass of water. “DAD STEVE JUST CURSED AT ME”

“oh, shut up Ruthie, you are such a torment”. Steve heard his father say before he closed his bedroom door. That was the last thing he heard his father say. He had an accident that night and never recovered.

Steve and Ruthie were sent to a home and split up. Ruthie was homed within two months Steve was there a while longer before he got a home.

Steve woke up with sweat on his forehead, (that was strange he very seldom thought about his real dad and sister). He looked over at the radio it was blinking 03:16. He got up had a pee and got back into bed. his alarm woke him at 7. Flight to catch.   

James checked in at the front desk with the Garda on duty. Laura had taken a seat in the reception area. A few minutes later James was shown into an interview room.

He was left there with a plastic glass full of water and told somebody would be with him shortly. Twenty minutes past and he had well finished the water and was pacing the room when the door opened and in walked Garda Adam’s.

“sorry to keep you Mr Thomas please take a seat”

James adjusted his coat and pulled out the silver framed seat from the table and sat down.

Garda Adam’s was joined by another man, but he never introduced himself. The two Garda sat opposite James.  

“we are going to ask you some questions and take your statement this session will be recorded and anything you say may be used as evidence in court is that okay with you?” Adam’s hovered his finger over the record button waiting on James to give his reply. “yes that’s fine” Adam’s pressed the record button and listed off the date who he was interviewing and who was accompanying him, it turns out the other Garda was called Garda Pat Killeen.

“right with all that out of the way, can you please tell me your relationship to the departed Ramla Amaechi”.

“well, she was my wife- years ago we separated over thirty years ago”

“so you were married to Miss Amaechi?”


“how long where you with Miss Amaechi?”

“ahhmm, four years”

“And what happened that you and Miss Amaechi separated”

“she left me”

“was there physical violence?”


“please don’t take offence I have to understand why you separated”

“well if you find out let me know, one day she just up and left”

“where did you meet Miss Amaechi?”

“we met in college, I was studying business and she was studying medicine”.

“when was the last time you saw Miss Amaechi?”

“four or five days ago”

“was it four or five Mr Thomas?”

“it was Four”

“so four days ago you met with Miss Amaechi?”

“yes well no. she called to my house”

“so she was in your house?”

“No I left her at the door”

“can you tell me the nature of this visit?”

“the nature?”

“why she called at your door?”

“she said she was in trouble and needed help and she wanted to contact my son”

“your son?”

“yes Arlo”

“you mean both of yours”


“Arlo is your son and Miss Amaechi’s son”

“well yes she gave birth to him, but she was never his mother”

“what type of trouble was she in?” interrupted Garda Killeen.

James looked at him “I don’t know”

“did you not ask?”


“I find that hard to believe if somebody told me they were in trouble I would ask what was wrong”

“Good for you, I didn’t”

“so you have no clue as to what trouble she was in?”


“right so back to her standing at your door, she had told you she was in trouble and she said she wanted to see Arlo”


“and what happened then?”

“I told her to stay away from Arlo and closed the door”

“you closed the door in her face?”

“the door did not hit her or anything like that but yes I closed the door”.

“did you see Miss Amaechi after that?”


“did you ever go to her flat?”

“I don’t even know where she was living”

“when did you see Miss Amaechi before this time?”

“years ago.”

“one year ago, two, ten?”

“about twenty years ago”

“what did she want at the time?”

“to see Arlo”

“did you close the door in her face that time as well”

“no, I arranged a visit for them”

“so why close the door this time?”

“because she met him once and left again.”

“did your current wife” Adams looked at a sheet of paper” Laura, know Miss Amaechi?”.


“have you been in Dublin in the last week Mr Thomas?”

“yesterday and today”

“so you were not in Dublin 3 days ago?”


“can you prove that?”

“I was at work, people there can tell you I was there”

“and at night-time?”

“I was with my wife”

“this is your wife who never met Miss Amaechi?”


“right, that wraps up this interview Mr Thomas thank you for coming in. if we have any follow up questions I will be in contact” Adam’s reached over and pressed the off button.  

James stood up and left the room, Laura was still waiting in the reception for him she looked up from her phone as he came out the door.

“you okay”


They said no more and the two of them walked to their jeep.

Adam’s and Killeen watched James leave. “well?” Adams looked at Killeen. “he never once asked what happened to his ex-wife, I find that strange don’t you?”

“yes, yes, I do, will I bring in the son?”

“why not, any update on the scene?”

“no nothing found, like not a hair found like it was cleaned down afterwards, I have never had anything like this before”

“no either have I, you know they want to call this a suicide”

“what? How?”

“the old sherlock homes, (When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.)

“that’s bullshit”

“I know”.

Steve got off the plane and made his way through the airport, he stepped outside and the first thing he did was light a cigarette. He had only started back smoking a few days before, he had been off them for nearly five years. But the habit came back so easy. Glasgow was cold even in April. Steve loved the accent. He grabbed a cab to his B&B and checked in. he dropped his bag in his room and had a walk about the area. He stopped off for something to eat and then he planned out how to get to the university from where he was. He hoped to get a bus, but it was only fifteen minutes’ walk.

He tracked it up to the Uni his phone had lied by about four minutes. Security on the campus stopped him but he flashed his press badge and told the guard he was here as a guest speaker and just wanted to get to know the place beforehand. The security guard waved him on.

Steve walked into the main building and there was an information kiosk right at the centre of the reception area. He wondered over to it and tapped on the screen. He took out his notebook from his chest pocket and flicked back a few pages. Genetics. Steve looked at the map and traced his finger from the Genetics lab back to the (you are here point) it did not look that far away. Steve headed off in the direction of a large set alone structure that looked like a big shopping centre from outside. Once he got inside you could tell it was clinical just by the smell. Disinfectant grabbed your nostrils and punched you in the face.

Steve asked a passer by where the genetics lab was. He was told the directions and a few minutes later found himself outside of it.

He took out his notebook again and skipped back to the notes he had taken on the study. Professor Nilsson had been in charge at the time. On the door of the Lab was Professor Stanton embossed on a silver plaque. The door opened and a man in a white coat stepped out.

“Excuse me could you help me? I am trying to find a Professor Nilsson”. The man looked at Steve “he does not work here anymore”.

“in the Lab or the university?”



“He moved away; Sweden I think”.

“maybe you could help me?”

“if I can”

“would you know anybody who studied under Professor Nilsson?”

“yes, what’s this about?”

“well, a while back a young man called Arlo Thomas came here for a study”

“sorry I have to go I can’t help you” the man walked away at quite a pace.

Steve looked around there was nobody about, so he opened the door to the lab and went inside. Nobody was in the lab. Steve wondered around looking at different desks and projects that were going on.

The door opened and in walked two burly men. “come with us please” said the biggest one. “okay is there something wrong”. He walked with the men right out of the campus. As they got to the barrier the big man turned to the guard who was sitting there who had let Steve in and said, “your relieved. go pack your shit”. The other man sat down where the guard had been sitting and then the big man turned to Steve and said, “you are no longer welcome do not come back here”. Steve nodded and walked away. This was not the result he was looking for.  

Right that’s what I have so far. in this the third chapter I am explaining some of the back story but also using a police investigation to revile it. in this chapter we have learned more about Arlo’s Mother. lots more still to come. I have jumped from story to story i find this useful for building tension. so as I said before your building it up and paying it off. try to have something exciting happen on each page. confrontation or a build up to a pay off. I have also put in areas like Laura calling to Arlo’s and getting flustered. Arlo clearly liked it.

I am slowly adding more characters, another Garda, the professor at the college. as a writer you plan to lose a few. sometime its a main character other times it is a character you have barley touched on. these are things you should have in your mind as you are writing.

I have also very gently touched on the death. it being one of a kind not seen before. I will continue to do this while giving out little bits of information. in this chapter the read finds out somebody in the Garda wants to call this a suicide. it gets people thinking (why)

Steve found himself sitting in a bar sipping on a pint. He had his notebook on the bar and was tapping the page with his pen. An old man was sitting at the end of the bar, he had a black eye and a spit lip but that did not seem to bother him as he drank his whiskey. The old man looked like he was wearing the same clothes as he did the day before, dirty blue jeans, scuffed black shoes that had seen better days. A blue shirt with a what was meant to be white rim finished off his outfit. The rim looked grey. It matched his grey hair that looked like it had not been brushed in days. Steve could actually see dirt behind the man’s ear and along his neck. As Steve looked at him picking up his drink you could see how dirty his hands were. “why don’t you take a picture, it will last longer” the man slurred in a Scottish accent. Steve turned his face away and looked down the other end of the bar.

“be careful he is a cranky old fuck” said the barman leaning over and putting a small bowl of nuts in front of Steve. 

Steve nodded at him. He picked up his pint and drank what remained. “are you looking for that Blacky” the smell hit him before he even turned around.

The man had come up beside him and was looking at his notebook. Psychic Scottish Study was circled and highlighted. The old man had his finger on it.

“the what?”

“the Blacky”

“no, I was looking for a professor that worked up in the college” Steve put his pen in his top pocket and went to take up the notepad.

“ya the one that did the hocus-pocus shite with the black woman”

“sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about”

“leave the man alone, go back to your drink and keep to yourself” said the barman.

“right you don wanny hear about the shite that went on up in the college do ya, not with all the money it brings in for ya.” The old man was walking back to where he had sat before.

“I am just a crazy old fool, I know nothing, that’s what ya all think. But when that black bitch started seeing ghosts so did everybody else.”

“Who are you talking about?” Steve followed him.

“the blacky I don’t know her name, but her son was back here a few year ago did the same dam thing”.

The barman twirled his finger in the well-known sign for he is bat shit crazy. Steve did not think so.

“give me a whiskey for my friend here” Steve called to the barman.

“ohh a friend, I have enough fucking friends”

A blast of light exploded into the bar. A shadow broke the light and the old man grumbled. “I found ya, get fucking home da”, a woman in her thirties walked over to the old man. She grabbed him by the arm and started to pull him out of the bar.

Steve was just about to follow her when the barman grabbed his arm and put down a whiskey, “that will be five fifty”. Steve looked up at the barman and took out ten pound and put it on the counter and left the drink where it was. He followed the old man and his daughter out of the bar. 

They had made it half the length of the street the old man getting dragged by his daughter home. Steve caught up with them. “hello Hello sorry to bother you”. “what” snapped the daughter. The old man stumbled, and she caught him before he face planted the street. Steve went the other side and took hold of him “I don’t want to be a pain” “well then fuck off”

“well said, I need to speak with your father”

“What could you need to talk with an auld drunk like him for”

“the Blackie up the college” it was the first thing the old man had said since being brought out of the bar.

“da hush your mouth”

“he is right, there was a black lady who he said worked at the college and her son was here a few years back his name is Arlo”

“are you a copper?”

“no not at all, worse a reporter”.

“help me get him upstairs” she dragged the old man over to a doorway. Steve took one side, and she was on the other. They lifted him up two flights of stairs. The daughter opened a door and pushed open another door inside. A bed was in that room and she pushed him into the bed. Dragging his shoes off and putting a bucket beside his head. “da if you get sick the buckets there” he murmured something and was fast asleep in seconds.

Steve thought he was going to have to call back another time, but the daughter went into the kitchen and opened a press under the sink and pulled out paper clippings. She handed them to Steve, “that’s what you’re here for”.

(WHO YOU GOING TO CALL) was printed on the first clipping, he flicked from clipping to clipping. (GHOST ON SHOW) (COLLEGE SPIRIT) Steve looked up at the old man’s daughter. “what is this?” “he keeps it, fascinated with it, Ghost and the like. He thinks a blacki- a black woman brought the Ghosts here. She worked in the college for a while. I think she is mentioned in one of them articles.

“What about Arlo Thomas is he mentioned?” 

“no, I don’t think so but my da recons he was the image of her so had to be her son. That and the study that was done on him.”

“what study? I can’t find anything about it?”

“you must not be a very good reporter than, have you gone to the newspapers yet?”

“no, I did not want to step on any toes”.

Chapter Four

Matt was coming back to the flat when he saw the Garda standing at the door to the complex. He thought about walking another way but the Garda has seen him so it would have looked strange. He walked to the front door. “afternoon Matt, is Arlo in?”

“I don’t know”

“I would like to have a chat with you and Arlo, can I follow you up?”

Matt and the Garda walked up the steps at the front door and Matt opened the door. The two men walked to the lift and from the lift to the door to the apartment. Matt found it really awkward as the Garda did not speak the whole time.

When Matt opened the door, he called out to see if Arlo was home. The Garda walked in past him and over to the kitchen.

“I don’t think he is home”

“mind if I check the bedrooms” the Garda walked over and opened the first door it was Matts room. “that’s mine”. The Garda had a good look inside anyway and went to the next door. He opened Arlo’s bedroom door and looked in.

“what’s in that” the Garda pointed at Arlo’s reflection room. “nothing a table and chair”

The Garda opened the door and looked inside. “why is the room padded?”

“to stop the noise”

“what noise happens in there?”

“no to make that room quite so you can relax and reflect in there”

“you boys need that?”

“its Arlo’s he likes it in there”

“where is he?”

“I don’t know”

“what is it you do Mr Baker?”

“just call me Matt, Mr Baker was my dad. I work at RTE as a runner?”

“did you know Arlo’s Mother?”

“no never met her”

“what about when she called here did you met her then?”

“what when was this?”

“Arlo told us she called here last week where you not here?”

“Arlo told you that?”

“yes, I am sure he said you were here”

“I have never met the woman; I did not know she was here”

“so Arlo never talked about her or told you about her”

“he never said anything”

“Matt you really have to work on telling when people are lying” Arlo had come in at the end of the conversation. He heard the Garda ask Matt about her calling here.

Matt looked around at Arlo “what?”

“just because he is a Garda does not mean he won’t lie”.

Garda Adam’s had gone red, “we see it as an interrogation tactic”.

“call it what you like Garda Adam’s, I call it a lie”

Adam’s looked at Matt, he looked genuinely upset, “sorry for the misunderstanding”

Matt walked into his bedroom and slammed the door.

“I take it you’re here to see me anyway” Arlo walked over to the kitchen and put on the kettle.

Adam’s cleared his throat, “yes I would like to talk to you about your Mother”

“I never knew her”

“well that’s not true, you did meet her before”

“she left when I was born, I never seen her after that”

“from what I understand you met her fifteen years ago”

“Lying again Garda Adam’s”

“that’s what your father told me”

“Oh yes I remember, I met my mother and the lockness monster and a yeti all on the same day”.

“why don’t you ask your father”

“listen I don’t know my mother, I have never met my mother, I want nothing to do with my mother”

“and now that she is dead?”

“I don’t give two flying fucks about her, living or dead, now I hope I have answered all your questions”

“how long would it take your father to get from his house to ..lets say here”

“I don’t know”

“does your father know this area well?”

“I don’t know”

“does your father lie to you often?”

“Garda Adams I am going to have to ask you to leave”

Garda Adam’s left the flat and Matt came back out into the kitchen. “sorry, I can’t believe I fell for that”

“no worries want a cuppa”

“no thanks, do you want to talk about your mother?”


“okay then, what are we going to have for dinner?”


“I can’t Arlo, work in the morning and I am broke”

“I did a reading today I can sub ya”

“ahh we cant spend our lives in the pub Arlo”

“why not?”

The two of them laughed and grabbed their coats Pub it was.

Steve was sorting over the newspaper clippings on the kitchen table, he was writing notes in his notebook. He had found the name of the black lady Ramla Amaechi she was a student at the college a long time ago. She was specializing in DNA research, all the newspaper clippings were to do with Ghost sightings around the college, she had been asked for her insight as a student. Her statement to the paper was very short and he did not understand why it had caught the old man’s attention.

The statement read (while I am accustomed to seeing Ghosts being from Africa, I understand why people here are upset. Professor Nilsson is looking into the sightings at the college and any press releases will be issued by him.)

Other stories had touched on sightings in the college were in and around Professor Nilsson department. Some students had left his course, one newspaper had headlined that story with (STUDENT NOT USE TO SPIRIT WITH THAT PROFF) students are seeing with their own eye’s spirits in the campus. Forget about Mulder and Scully- the truth is out there (THE TRUTH IS HERE).

As I have said before (not everybody is your friend or wants to help you.) I have been reported in work for uploading YOUTUBE videos. even though it is on my own time.

That means I will be uploading from home when I get the chance. I am still continuing with the writing of the story. and will update my website regularly.

right so back to the story, in the last chapter we are setting up another clast between Steve and Arlo. Steve has hit the jack pot in finding out about Arlo’s mother. in fact he found out about this before Arlo even knew. we are building the back story a bit at a time not giving to much information to the reader and letting them build the story for themselves.

Steve thanked the old man’s daughter and took a few pictures of the clippings, one writer seemed to be taking the lead in the ghost stories. Out of the ten paper clippings eight of them were written by a Neil Conor’s. that was Steve’s next port of call.

Laura was worried about James; he had not been himself since that woman called to the door. He did not know Laura had seen her at the door as she was coming back from the gym. Laura watched as the woman turned and walked to the gate and cried. she had gone over to her to make sure she was okay.

she had taken the lady to a café close by the house. the lady had stopped crying by that time. She told Laura who she was. James had not told her anything about Arlo’s mother. So, this was all new to Laura. Ramla told her that she had wanted to see Arlo. She stressed that she needed to see him. Laura was seconds away from giving her Arlo’s address but changed her mind at the last second. She took Ramla’s number and said she would have Arlo contact her but only if he wanted to. That is all she promised.

After having coffee Laura asked Ramla how she was getting back to her place and Ramla said a bus. Laura decided to give her a lift home. Even when she was dropping Ramla off, she was tempted to tell her she lived five minutes’ walk to Arlo’s place.

Laura drove home and had made up her mind to come clean with James and tell him about meeting Ramla. She opened the door and James was in the kitchen. She heard the pots and pans banging and followed the noise. “hi baby, how are you?” she looked at James as she walked into the kitchen. “what have you done; the place is a mess”.  “well hello to you as well. I am slaving over lunch” “I have eaten already sweetheart”

“oh perfect” James flung the spatula into the pan he was using at that moment. 

“I did not know you were cooking”

“I did not know you were having lunch out, who were you with today?”

“don’t take that tone with me”

“well, I don’t know who you’re with when you’re out all day”

“what does that mean”

“it means what it sounds like”

“it sounds like you think I am cheating, that’s what it sounds like”

“if it walks like a duck”.

“fuck you” Laura stormed out of the kitchen, then stuck her head back in “CLEAN THIS FUCKING KITCHEN UP” and stormed back out.

Ramla had left her mind until she had seen the Garda walk into Arlo’s flat.

Matt woke again with a hangover, Arlo was not in his bed this time, he made his way to the bathroom and stood under the shower until it ran cold. In this flat that happened after about ten minutes. He stepped out and wrapped a towel around himself and address himself in the mirror. He looked like death warmed up. there were bags under his eyes and his face was puffy. He had to stop drinking.

He had a flashback to the night before, Arlo had picked up a woman, she was in her early twenties, blond, slim girl. They had come back to the flat around midnight and Arlo cracked open a bottle of red. Matt had left them on the sofa around one ish. As he walked out of the bathroom he looked over at the sofa. A half-naked Arlo and the half naked Blond were still fast asleep on the sofa. Matt walked over to have a better look. Her tits where out and she had big nipples. He was just bending down to get a better look when Arlo pulled her top up over her breasts, his eyes were closed but he had a grin on his face. just as Matt turn to walk away he heard (perv) he looked back to see Arlo looking at him. Matt stuck up his finger at Arlo and went back into his bedroom to get dressed.

He was just slipping on his shoes when there was a soft knock on his door. Arlo stood in the door frame. “she won’t go”.

“just tell her to fuck off” Matt tried to look past Arlo to the woman on the sofa.

“not her”

“oh. Your mom?”

“yes, she is always there talking I can’t drown her out. The drink helps but it does not stop her”.

“you will have to talk to her”

“I don’t want to, she never had time for me when she was alive, now she wants my help that she is dead. Fuck her!”

“I know, and I am with you on that. But if you have tried everything else to get rid, its not working. I think your going to have to talk with her”.

“you’re no help!”

“do you want me to stay off and talk to her with you”

“fuck off you puff” Arlo said with affection.

“are you sure?”

“go to work, oh and don’t ring my father”

Matt grabbed his bag and nodded at Arlo and went off to work.

He spent the whole day worrying about Arlo. Arlo spent most of the morning fucking and the rest of the day getting drunk. When Matt got home just before six Arlo was rubber, he could barely walk and banged off every wall on the way to the bathroom to get sick.

Matt put Arlo to bed and spent the rest of the night wondering what to do. Then an idea hit him. Arlo would not like it but if it worked it would solve his problem. Matt set to work.

Steve had found the newspaper office and the desk of Neil Conor’s, now all he had to do was wait. The lady at reception told him Neil was on a story. She did not know when he would be back. He could wait if he wanted.

Steve sat on the seat reserved for guests opposite Neil’s desk. An hour later he was trying his best to finish a crossword in a paper he found. “3 down UNDESIRED” came a voice close to his ear. Steve jumped. The man walked around the other side of the desk and sat down. “how can I help you?”

“Neil Conor’s?”

“that’s my name”

Steve stuck out his hand “Steve Banks I am a reporter in Dublin. I am over investigating a story that I think you can help me with”.



“this is about that Psychic kid?”

“yes how did you know?”

“good on the facts, I knew he lived in Dublin”

“I found out his Mother went to college here and some strange things happened”.

“ha ha you could say that”

“I was just wondering if you had the full story”

Neil told Steve a story, some of it he had proof, some of it was hearsay, some of it was just made up. it was a dam good story. Lots for Steve to think about.

Garda Adams and Killeen were in the squad car on their way to arrest him. “I still don’t know how we are going to make this stick” Adam’s looked over at Killeen.

“I am hoping for a confession” Killeen did not take his eyes from the road.

“hope in one hand and shit in the other see which one fills up sooner”

“ha, ha, that’s not a saying”

“it is”

“it’s not, it doesn’t even make sense”

“it does, think about it”.

“I don’t want to, right who will take the lead?”

“why don’t you go for it this time”

“right boss”

They pulled over just outside the gate. Killeen checked in with base to let them know they got there and were proceeding. They got out of the car and walked to the front door. The gravel crunched under their feet. The door opened before they reached the door. James was standing there with a tennis racket in his hand and white t-shirt and shorts on.

“Gents I am on my way out how can I help you”

Garda Killeen stood forward “James Thomas I am arresting you on suspicion of murder” James did not hear much after that the tennis racket was taken off him and he felt the cuffs go on, his head was ducked down as they got him to the car, he did not even remember crossing the garden.

Just as he looked up when he sat down Laura was running out of the house. The door slammed shut locking him in the back. Killeen stood in front of Laura and told her why they arrested him and where they were taking him.

Laura cried as they drove away. She must have been in the garden for five minutes before she had the sense to go back into the house. she picked up the phone and put it down again. “fuck”. she crossed to James’s study and flicked through the rolodex James keeps on his desk. She had slagged him several times about it calling him an old man. She was glad it was there now. She got the number and rang their lawyer. He told her he was on his way and he would meet her there.

James was marched into the station. Past the front desk. Along the desks and into the same interrogation room he had been in before.  

He sat there with his hands cuffed behind his back his white T-shirt had been pulled down over his shoulder and he looked like an ugly fat hooker in a bad get up. the more he tried to right his T-shirt the more it would not move. This irritated him a lot.

He got no water this time. He also did not have to wait very long. Adam’s and Killeen pressed play and started to record this session without asking him this time. They laid the charges down again for James. First question right off the bat. “why did you kill her?”.  

Chapter Five

Arlo woke up on the floor. His head ached. This was not the first time he woke up on the floor. It was the first time he woke up in his reflection room with no memory of how he got there. he could have sworn he made his way to his bed. he remembered seeing Matt and crashing out on his bed. how the fuck did he get here.

He picked himself up and shakily made his way to the door. He turned the knob, and the door did not open. He tried again and pushed his shoulder against it. Not budging. He tried to push the door and it did not move. This room only locked from inside. He checked the lock again no key. He looked around only the table and chair in the room. A bottle of water on the table. He walked over to pick it up and saw a note under it.

Arlo took the water and picked up the note. (I know this might ruin our relationship, but I have to try and help you. This is the only way I know how, love Matt)

 “what are you up to?”

Arlo walked over to the door and tried it again it was not moving. He walked back to the wall in the room and made a run and jump at the door only for his shoulder to hit the door and for him to bounce off it. “bollox” came from his mouth as he landed on the floor again. A small knock on the door followed by “please don’t be mad”.

“open the door Matt”

“I can’t”

“yes you can, don’t be a cunt”

“I really think you need this”


“I have left water on the table I will be back before you know it” Matt walked out of the flat and went to work.

Arlo hit the door. (I need your help)

(fuck off, fuck off fuck off) Arlo covered his ears.

(I was murdered, you’re the only one who can help me)

(I don’t want to know about it, about you)

(you are my son)


(like it or not I am your mother)

(Really? Where were you all my life? You might have given birth to me, but you were never my mother)

(I created you)

(oh fuck a bit of an ego trip there, I am sure dad had something to do with that as well)

(I made you the way you are)

Arlo listened as his mother told him how in her research to heighten her own psychic abilities, she found out she was pregnant. She had always had a gift; her grandmother had the same gift and had passed it down to her. 

In her research in DNA she found what most people thought of as Junk DNA. Most of the human DNA is not mapped but people were under the impression that most of this junk DNA was just that. She found out they where wrong. After a college in Scotland had done a DNA Study she found the genetic markings for Psychic abilities in this junk DNA.

She had experimented with this and loaded her body with them. to her they were like a drug. The affects would wear off. She would transfuse herself again with a cocktail of these junk DNA and her powers got stronger. At one point she was able to project to others so they could see Ghosts.

Things got complicated and she left and moved to Ireland. She studied in the same college as Arlo’s father, and they met and fell in love. She had stopped her experiments on herself by then and thought nothing of it because her powers had returned to normal. Then she got pregnant.

She was about five months pregnant when she first heard Arlo thinking. It was so strange to her. Like another person invading her mind and every day that other person was getting stronger.

She gave birth to Arlo and the voices stopped. She thought she was back to normal. Then when he was six weeks old, she walked into the bedroom and her best friend from Africa was holding Arlo. Her best friend who she had watched get shot. She watched as her friend got dragged into a tree line and forgotten about. That was the world she had grown up in. Africa was a violent place that held no happy memories for her. If Arlo’s father had have walked in, he would have seen Arlo floating in the air. 

She knew that the two of them together were drawing more and more power and that day she packed her bag and left. Hoping that her son would live a normal life without her.

She checked herself into a Psychiatric hospital, they kept her for six weeks. When she was released, she did not know what to do. She had a medical background, so she decided to become a nurse. To see if she could help others. After some study she found herself back in the same Psychiatric hospital but working as a nurse.

Arlo had taken a seat by this time; he opened the bottle of water. (well, that’s nice so you left because of me, now that you have told your sob story why don’t you go and fuck off)


Arlo did not match the tone (I am not a Garda or an investigator what do you want me to do? I have listened to your story and I don’t want to help you so why don’t you just leave)

Ramla did not leave, and she had not finished her story. She told Arlo about going to see his father, meeting his new mother, Arlo was going to correct her but thought what’s the point. She told him for the last few weeks she had been tormented by horrible dreams and she thought a ghost was snagged on her. Like she could not shake it, it was tied to her somehow. Arlo rolled his eyes (ohh no that’s terrible, the last few weeks you have been tormented by bad dreams, TRY YOUR WHOLE LIFE, HAVING A GHOST YOU CAN’T GET RID OFF, THATS YOU BITCH)

She did not waver at his outburst, she just went on to tell him she had been in her flat, at the time she was hearing noises all the time, so she did not know if they were in the flat or her head. But she had not seen anyone. She was walking from the bedroom to the kitchen to get a drink and then she was dead. Gone.

“where were you on the evening of the tenth Mr Thomas?”

“I was at home with my wife”

“the whole night?”


“and she will say the same, you never popped out for a pack of smokes or to put air in your tires”

“I don’t smoke, and the jeep has run flat tires” then he remembered they had had a fight the day before and he had stayed late the following day not wanting to add fuel to the fire. He did not get home till after seven. He had even stopped of at the off license and picked up a nice red for himself and a white for his wife.

“what was that?”


“you just remembered something its all over your face”

“no, it’s nothing”

“are you remembering that night, a little bit of evidence you left behind?”

“I did not leave any evidence because I was not there”

“what if I told you I can place you in Miss Amaechi’s flat?”

“I would say it never happened”

Adams opened a box he had brought into the room with them. he pulled out a small clear plastic bag, a red tag was on it that read NO 1. The date was marked and Bedroom.

James knew what it was right away, his cufflink. How the fuck do they have his cufflink? Adams pulled out a slim file and opened it. “Mr. Thomas, we found this in Miss Amaechi’s flat. Do you know what this is?”

“yes, it’s my cufflink”

“would you care to tell me how your cufflink happened to end up in Miss Amaechi’s flat?”

“I have no idea; I need a lawyer”

“yes, yes you do, we will terminate this interview now” he reached over and hit the off button on the recording device.

so if your reading this you will see I am still jumping from character to character. we are telling the same story but from different points of view. slowly unraveling the back story. at this point a am wondering if I am unraveling it to fast. I am only five chapters in 62 pages. this is the point where your short story becomes a novel. (the marathon)

we still have lots to chat about. don’t forget we have the first person that Arlo helped, still more from his mother. we are going to test Matt and Arlo’s relationship after him locking Arlo in the room. Laura’s involvement in Ramla’s death if any. the investigation with the Garda. Arlo starting his own investigation. the dark ghost that Arlo’s mother could not get rid of. Steve and Arlo’s next meeting. I think Professor Nilsson will play a part in the next part of the story. an introduction of a new character into a story can rock the boat.

we are also going to work on making Arlo more likeable maybe even loveable. how do we do that? we show the readers his kind side what he does of others. lots of times you will hear on writers forums (show don’t tell) that what we are going to try and do. remember this is a first draft. there are parts I have written that I am not happy with so far. don’t stop and go back to change them finish the story. it is strange for a writer to publish unfinished work. people will judge you more harshly because you call yourself a writer so 1 spelling mistake or fudge of the story line and you can get eaten alive. I am uploading this story as I write it to show you it does not have to be perfect first time around. oh and if you are writing your own story don’t give up. this is like any job the more you do it the better you get. I am much better than the first time I wrote and in ten years time if I am still alive I will be much better then.

one of the funny things in being a writer is you will get people telling you (I have a great idea for a story) or (do you know what you should write about.)

Steve returned home to Dublin the following day. He had all he needed from Scotland. He still had eight days to go before he was let back to work. he sat at his desk; he bag unpacked on his bed. he had his notebook open ad was typing Professor Nilsson into google

A lot of results came back Professor of Arts, of Surgery, of economics and on and on. Steve hit the space after what he had typed and added DNA

There was Mats Nilsson, Daniel Nilsson, Jonas Nilsson yet again the list went on. So, Steve added Scotland.

Third headline down:

Disgraced Professor- University professor on leave over….

Steve clicked into the story.

Born Petri Nilsson (1938) to German parents, he grew up in Sweden in a southern city called Linköping. He studied at Linköping university where he graduated and moved to Great Britton to continue his research in DNA.

He began teaching some years later. Nilsson had many scientific break throughs in his work. he discovered the link to Down’s syndrome and the chromosome 21.

His advancements in Rapid DNA sequencing was a major fact in the research moving forward at the pace it has.

He was one of the founding members of The Human Genome Project to map the entire DNA. Over 3.2 billion letters in it.

He was put on leave of absence over 3 years ago and has returned to his home city of Linköping. The death of one of his students was ruled as accidently and Nilsson was clear of all charges, but he refused to go back to work at the university.

Steve read the rest of the story, but he had found out what he wanted and that was were was Petri Nilsson. He googled Petri’s number and did not have any luck. He tried the university in Linköping, but they would not give out any information. He chanced ring the local police in the city. The phone was answered in Swedish and as he did not understand what was being said and the man on the other end had no English the conversation stop short, and Steve was put on hold. He waited five or so minutes before hanging up. there were probably a group of coppers sitting around the phone waiting on the little red light to go out meaning the person had hung up. that’s was Steve pictured anyway. He saw them giving a hooray when the red light went off. Steve opened another page on his laptop and signed into his bank. (well, I won’t be jetting off the Sweden) he thought looking at his balance.

Laura was sitting in a waiting area just inside the main reception when she saw James being led out of a room with his hands cuffed behind his back. His white t-shirt had been ripped at the neck and hung off his shoulder. She stood up with her hands going to her face. the man beside her stood up as well. He took hold of her arm and steadied her.

She sat back down, and the man walked over to Adams and Killeen who had James “gentlemen please take him back into the room and take the handcuffs off him please. He is hardly a risk to himself or anybody else in here. Adams turned James around and undid the cuff’s he gave a slight push when he was finished, and James staggered forward one step. Killeen pointed at the room they had left. “I would like some water brought in for my client please” the man said taking hold of James arm and walking him to the room. James grabbed at his t-shirt and pulled it up over his shoulder.

“how are you Mr. Thomas?

“I am, I don’t know how I am”

“that is very understandable in this situation, what did you tell these gentlemen?”

“the cops, nothing I did nothing”

“good, that’s what we are going to stick with”

“that’s the truth”


“I am going to go out and find out what they have, somebody will drop in some water, please don’t talk to anybody”. the man stood up and left the room.

James sat where he was rubbing his wrists, the cuffs had not cut into his arms, but it had been uncomfortable. A Grad walked in and put a bottle of water on the table. “anything else you need?”

James turned away from him and looked at the wall. The Garda just left.

While this was going on James’s lawyer had caught up with Garda Adam’s “what’s the charges and what’s the evidence”?

“murder of Ramla Amaechi”

“his ex-wife”


“and the evidence?”

“we found one of his cufflinks in her flat”

“that’s it? That is why you are holding my client”?

“yes, for the moment”

“please prepare his release”

“we would like to question him again”

“he won’t be saying anything but if you want to waste everybody’s time we can go sit in a room and not say anything to each other for as long as you like” the lawyer turned and walked away from Adam’s.

The lawyer returned to the interview room and sat beside James. Five minutes later Garda Killeen walked into the room “Mr. Thomas you are free to leave we are not proceeding at this time with charges”.

James was up and out of his seat before Killeen had finished. He walked over to Laura who had kept him in her eyeline the whole time she was there.

“what’s going on?” she hugged James. “we are getting out of here now” James took her by the hand and started walking towards the front door.

“if we need to get in touch with you, we know where you live” Adams said as they passed his desk.

James and Laura stood outside the station waiting on his lawyer to join them they chatted for a while and he assured James not to worry he would keep on top of things. Laura brought around the jeep and James got in.

They were driving home when James looked down and saw the other cufflink. He could not remember before the last time he had worn them, but an image came back into his mind. It had been a work party and Laura had drove. On his way home he had taken them off and put them in the side panel of the door thinking to himself I will remember them when I get out but had forgot them.

He picked up the cufflink, “this is the match of the cufflink they found in her flat”

Laura looked over for a second.

“how the fuck did she get that?” was she in this jeep? Did you let her in this jeep?” his voice was getting louder and louder. Laura winced. “what did you do Laura?”

“I gave her a lift home”


“don’t shout at me James.” She started to cry and the jeep swerved a little.


“James stop shouting at me”.

James counted to five in his head and lowered his tone when the jeep came to a stop. “do you know what I have been through because you gave that bitch a lift home”.

“it felt like the right thing to do”

“did it? Did it indeed? WHAT TYPE OF A FUCKING IDIOT ARE YOU?”

Laura opened the door and stepped outside. She started to walk along the road. James scooched to the driver’s side and rolled down the window. He drove along side Laura and his heart sank when he saw her face, tears were flowing down her face. “get in the jeep Laura”

“not if you’re going to keep shouting at me”

“I wont shout at you, I am sorry”. She stopped walking and went around the side of the jeep and got in. she wiped her face with her sleeve.

She told him what had happened she had not known she had taken a cufflink. James drove them home while he heard her story, he had to bite his lip a few times to keep himself from saying anything.

Chapter Six

Steve had just gone to bed when his phone rang, he pushed back the cover and picked up his phone. A man speaking in a heavy Swedish access but in English was asking him what he had called for before. Steve took out his notepad. He explained to the Swedish policeman that he was looking for somebody who lived in the town. A Mr. or he might still go by Professor Petri Nilsson. There was a moment of silence he thought he had been cut off. Them the Swedish policeman said, “are you family?”

“no, I am a reporter from Ireland”

“I am sorry I can’t help you. Mr. Nilsson has passed away, about two weeks ago.”

that is me for this week, I have family commitments so I will not be writing or uploading on YouTube. if you are following this or writing your own book. remember shit happens you can plan all you like but then life gets in the way. don’t beat yourself up about it. move on and write when you can.

in the last section I talked about what happened after Arlo’s dad was arrested. (as a human male of 44 years old I have never been arrested myself, so unfortunately I am basing this off TV shows and movies and my imagination as to what happens. fingers crossed I get arrested soon lol.

Steve is making some headway in his investigation into Arlo’s mother, next he goes looking for her. it seems everybody he wants to talk to are dead. if only he knew a psychic.

will Arlo make peace with his mother or does Matt regret locking Arlo in the room. we will find out together next week.

“can I ask how he died?”

“I am sorry I can’t give that information, but I can tell you we are not looking into his death”.

“ahh, okay thank you very much for your help”.

“good day sir”

Steve scribbled in his notebook. (Professor Nilsson Dead looks like suicide) Steve crawled back into bed.

Matt gingerly opened the door to the flat. he was expecting Arlo to have already burst open the door somehow to the reflection room. Matt took off his coat and hung it up. The flat was quiet. Maybe his plan had not worked. He looked over at the room and the fridge he had propped up against the door was still there. luckily that morning when he moved Arlo into the room the only thing in the fridge was half a stick of butter a gone off carton of milk and six beers. Matt did not mind unplugging it and leaning it against the door.

He walked over and lifted the fridge off the door and was in the process of sliding it back into its original position when the door to the reflection room opened. Arlo walked out and past Matt and into his bedroom.

Matt tried to talk to Arlo. He did not answer him. Five minutes later Arlo walked out of his room and put on his coat. Opened the door and walked out. Shutting the door behind him.

Matt waited up till about eleven that night hoping Arlo would come back. Matt went to bed. the next morning the first thing he did was check Arlo’s room. He had not been home. Matt got dressed and went to work.

That night when he got home, he checked again still no sign. He rang Mr. Thomas. there was no joking on the phone that night. Mr. Thomas had not heard from him but told Matt that he was sure Arlo would be okay and to ring him when he got back.

Three days later Matt got a phone call from Mr. Thomas to see if Arlo had come back and they had just forgotten to ring him. No such luck. It was then Matt started to get worried.

Matt took a few days off and went to every bar near them that Arlo and himself went to. They had not seen him. Matt checked the men’s shelters and dry houses. He found himself standing in the station asking to speak to Garda Adam’s.

Killeen came out to him and introduced himself. Matt told him that Arlo had left the flat a week ago and he had not seen him. Killeen asked him if he wanted to open a missing persons report and he said yes. Killeen told him he was not family and to notify them to open a case. Matt left thinking to himself there they go again creating a great name for themselves. They must be thought how to be a prick in school. Why did he even ask him if he wanted to open a case. Fucker.

Laura was getting more and more concerned with James’s behavior. He was becoming quite erratic. Every time he was leaving the house, he would look out several windows before getting to the front door.

He had cameras installed around the house and it was set up to the bedroom TV. He was talking about getting a dog. Laura had pestered him about getting a dog about a year ago. She wanted a small little pug. James was talking about a Doberman or Rottweiler not the types of dogs Laura wanted in the house.

When they heard Arlo had gone missing from his flat James had stepped it up. he brought in a security specialist. Laura was getting really worried about James then she found the gun. She was getting her long boots out of the back of the wardrobe when she knocked open a shoe box and saw the gun.

That night when James got home, she had the shoe box on the counter. James looked at it then her. “I did not tell you because I did not want to worry you”.

“it is not staying in this house”.


“don’t sweetheart me it goes, or you and it goes”.

“be reasonable”.

“you have an illegal firearm in our house and you’re telling me to be reasonable”.

“Laura you have to understand”.

“no! you have to understand. I know you are going through something at the moment, but that thing is not staying in the house. I am going out. When I come back, I want it gone. Do you understand!”.

Laura walked out the door and took the jeep for a drive. She found herself in Dublin outside Arlo’s Flat. She was just about to get out when she saw Matt walking into the building. He looked downtrodden. She took that as still no sign of Arlo. She backed out and drove off. She did not know where she was driving to until she pulled up outside of the flat, she had dropped Arlo’s mother off at. Laura pulled up the handbrake and just sat there.

Questions were going through her mind. Why did that woman take the cufflink? Why was she murdered? What did it have to do with James? Out of the corner of her eye she saw a large figure with a big dark coat turn on to the street, she knew that walk anywhere. She quickly left her jeep and made it to the door just before it closed. The person she had seen had just walked into the flat complex. She walked up to the man in the black coat. His back was to her as he waited on the lift.


“hi Laura. You found me”, he said without turning around.

“what are you doing here”

“investigating, oh and bumming a place to stay”.     

“your father is worried about you, so is Matt”

“oh right. I guess I should contact my father. I will give him a ring tonight”

“good, just be careful Arlo” Laura turned to walk out.

“want a coffee?” he finally turned to face her.

“yes” as she turned back Arlo saw tears in her eyes.

“come on” he stepped aside as the lift door opened and let her in.

Steve was sitting in a public library at a computer. He was looking for any information he could get on Arlo’s Mother.

The first story that came up was from the Scottish Times written by Neil Conor’s he had read it before and skipped it. The next was another story about the same time she lived in Scotland. Headline read Students stick by Professor. There was a picture of her in this clipping. Steve scrolled down a few searches then clicked on the top of the page where the date is and the newest story popped up. (woman found dead in Dublin Apartment)

As to date no information has come from the Garda other then to name the lady who died in Dublin last Tuesday. The lady was named as Ramla Amaechi. Service will be held in St Michael’s church at 7 pm on Tuesday.

2 weeks they held her body that was long for Ireland they normally turn around the body in a few days. So, Arlo’s Mother was dead now as well.

Steve wiped his eyes of sleep. He had tossed and turned all night. His father’s blue flowers were in his mind. That and his sister. He had dreamed about coming home late and his father sending him to his room with no dinner.

His sisters face when their father told her to be quite or stop whatever he said to her he could not remember but he remembered her face. she did not like being told what to do.

Steve had gone to bed and was woken in the middle of the night by a man in a yellow suit. He did not know it then but looking back he knew it was a fireman.

Steve snapped back to reality sitting in front of the PC looking at the obituary of Ramla Amaechi.  The service was tomorrow. he took out his phone and set a reminder. He had another week of leave he might as well go and see if anybody shows up that might know something.

James called his security guy. He knew he might be taking it too far, but everything seemed to give him the shivers. Thinking about that woman showing up at his house saying she needed help that she was in trouble. What if whoever was after her followed her to his house. what if they were after him now. Jimmy answered after the first few rings. James told him about Laura and her not wanting the gun in the house. Jimmy stated the old (its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it) James agreed but Laura wanted it gone. Jimmy told him he could come and take it, or he could just hide it better. It had never occurred to James just to hide it. He knew the place as soon as jimmy said it to him. He thanked Jimmy and hung up. he took the gun out of the box; it was wrapped in a shammy cloth James walked down to the bedroom and removed the already wonky skirting and found the hole he had seen. He stashed the gun there and pushed the skirting back into place.

Arlo opened the door. Laura walked in. she looked around it was a lovely flat you would know it was a woman’s flat. You could also tell a messy man had been here a few days.

Arlo pointed at the sofa. Laura sat down as Arlo went to the fridge. “I don’t actually have milk do you fancy a beer instead”

“no, I am driving, don’t worry about it”

She heard Arlo grab glasses. “what about a glass of wine?”

“no, I should not” she said as Arlo pushed a large glass of white wine into her hand.

“a one won’t hurt you and you look like you could use it”.

“really I look that bad?”

“no not at all, it just looks like it’s been a long day”.

“that it has”

Laura started to cry again; Arlo handed her a tissue. It was cotton square with a spectacular designed on the outside. Like hands held together in prayer. Laura dabbed her eyes she did not want to get mascara on this beautiful tissue.

“it was hers don’t worry about getting it dirty she won’t be using it anymore”, a small smile formed on his face.

“its beautiful”. Laura was holding it in her hands moving it around so she could take in all the detail.

“keep it”.

“Arlo what are you doing here? your father is worried about you” she started to cry again. “sorry”.

“don’t be sorry Laura, it’s okay”

“it’s not, I found a gun in the house” the tissue went to her face Laura could not stop the onslaught of tears that came.

Arlo sat waiting for the rest of the story, slowly Laura told him everything, from her dropping his mother home to storming out of the house and everything in-between.

He sat beside her and put his arm around her. She rested her head on his chest as she cried.

“I don’t know what to do Arlo he has never been like this”

“I know just what to do”

Laura looked up at his face, he smiled down at her. “let’s get pissed”. Laura laughed and slapped his chest as she moved away from him. “your answer to everything Arlo”.

“hey, it has work so far” he topped up Laura’s drink.

Picked up his own drink and toasted “as the great Billy Connelly said (Life is a waste of time. Time is a waste of life. So why not get wasted all the time and have the time of our life.)”.

 They clinked glasses and drank.

Steve showered before going to bed it would save him doing it the next morning. He had changed his sheets on the bed, a thing he loved and hated doing. He loved the feeling and smell of the fresh sheets, but he hated lugging the mattress around and struggling and wrestling with the sheet. He had gotten a few beers before heading home so it looked like it was going to be a good night. Shower over him, bed nice and clean and cold beer in the fridge. Steve was typing up what he had of the story so far. Sitting at a small desk in his bedroom a beer beside the laptop.

Professor Nilsson is dead, Ramla Amaechi is dead. Arlo if he is not a fake can talk to them now. Contact Arlo and book in a reading after funeral tomorrow. might see him there.

Bring blue flowers.

Steve looked at what he had typed (blue flowers) why blue?

He tried typing again but it was just not flowing so he turned off his laptop and turned on the radio. He downed his beer and got another from the fridge. With music playing the window open and a nice breeze flowing through the room, he kicked off his shoes and lay on the bed.

He had no intention of going asleep, but the bottle fell from his hand. It hit the rug around his bed tipped sideways and spilled all over the wooden floor. Steve did not notice this as he was fast asleep.

Yet again he dreamed he came home from school late. His father made him do his homework at the table and sent him to bed without food. He remembered looking out at the blue flowers and his father telling him they would not give him the answers. His bony finger slipping inside his cap while he scratched his head.

The look on his sister’s face when he told her to give over. Steve remembered the man in yellow waking him up. lifting him out off bed and carrying him outside. He had been put beside his sister who was still wearing the same dress he had seen her in earlier. As he looked down at his toe poking out of his sock, he looked across at his sister’s feet. Her little black shoes still on. Her pink dress with the ruffles at the bottom. He looked at the ruffles. Little specks of red. Little dots at the bottom of her dress. He had never seen that before. He looked from the ruffles up to her face. she was smiling. Then she was lifted up and put in a car. Steve was picked up and put in another car. Then he was being driven away.

He woke up. sat straight up in the bed. his eyes wide open. He swung his legs out of the bed. his feet sank into the wet rug. He hated that feeling. He took a large step off the rug, but the floor was slippy and his foot glided along the floor. He sat firmly down on the wet floor before he did the splits.

He got his feet under him and gingerly walked over to his laptop. He thought he might have pulled something. He would worry about that later. He turned on his laptop and sat in the chair. Once his laptop was awake, he clicked on the file of the recording of his interview with Arlo. He skipped to close to the end.

Steve could hear his own voice

“you have nothing to say to me?”

“Oh, but I do, the flowers were blue that day, he was wearing his hat when she brought the bat down on him that’s why you did not hear it from your bedroom”.

Steve played it again.

“Fuck” he said to the room.

He stood up and his feet went from under him. He woke up ten minutes later with a pounding headache as he sat up, he saw blood on the floor. Slowly he put his hand to the back of his head. It hurt. When he took his hand away it was covered in blood.

James waited for Laura to come home, he sat up watching the TV. At ten she was still not back. He rang her. Her phone went to voicemail. (hi Sweetheart, I am sorry. You were right you won’t see that in the house again. Please come back)

He thought to himself I am not lying. If she does not see it. She won’t know it’s there. not like he said he has gotten rid of it.

He rang again at eleven, then again at one in the morning. He tried again at three. Then went to bed. the following morning, he rang her at nine. Laura answered. “where have you been?”

“I am safe don’t worry. I have somebody that wants to talk to you”.

James first thought was she had been kidnapped and was being held.

“hi Dad”

It took James a few seconds for Arlo’s voice to register. “Arlo”

“yes dad, I am okay”

“where have you been?”

“I needed some time to myself”.

“Are you okay?”

“yes, I am fine dad honest”

“how did Laura? Why is she there?”

“she found me last night.  She told me about what’s going on. Are you alright dad?”

“yes I am fine, what’s going on? What do you mean?”

“Dad she told me you had a gun in the house”

“oh that. That’s just a misunderstanding”

“Dad are you sure you’re okay”

“yes put Laura back on please son”

Arlo handed her the phone “yes”

“so you spent the night with my son”


“So is this payback? Why would you do that. Of all the people in the world you had to sleep with my son”

“you would think that. You animal”. Laura flung the phone across the room. (FUCKKKK). Steve heard her scream before the phone went dead.

That brings us to the end of chapter six. on to seven next. I see questions sometimes when I am on writers forums, When do you know when to end a chapter? how long should a chapter be? etc.

the answer is there are no hard set rules when it comes to writing a chapter can be 3 words or 100 pages. it is up to the writer.

Personally I like ending a chapter like above. James knows he has fucked up. his first thought was that his wife Laura had just slept with his son as some type of payback. I am going to introduce why in the next chapter or two. James will be getting nightly visits from a ghost who is planting little seeds. that is why he is so jumpy and acting strange. like all men James does not talk about his feelings or wellbeing. oh no that shit it bottled up tight.

Arlo has told us he is investigating, we will see what he has found shortly. Steve has remembered that his sister had killed their father. this story will develop maybe not where he wants it to go. but Arlo will do a reading for him. coming towards the end of the story we might meet Steve’s sister. I don’t think she will like having memories of the past brought up.

Poor Mat has been left behind and the two policemen are they going to drop the case or is something new going to turn up. don’t forget we still have only barely touched on the locked room murder of Arlo’s mother. lots more to come. I hope you are enjoying it so far. if you have any comments please let me know. I would like to take this opportunity to point something out.

I read on a writing forum a story about a writer. who writes children’s books. he had just been published. (as a writer it always puts a smile on my face when I hear somebody else had been publish. it means there is hope yet) anyway he had been commissioned to write 5 more books and given a year to do it. yet he was complaining that for his creative juices to flow he needs inspiration and magic to happen. I read one of his books. it composed of about 15 pages. some beautiful art work took up most of the pages. but the story went like this.

my daddy told me I could be a astronaut (but i am just a kid)

next page

My mother told me i could be a doctor (but I am just a kid) so this went on with different relatives and different jobs until his grandmother told him to stop growing up so fast.

now I know I am not Shakespeare, but this guy needs a kick up the hole for himself. he needs his inspiration and magic to happen to produces this shit? as I said before I am delighted for him that he is published and has a book deal but don’t be a cunt! that’s what I am saying. He is complaining about the time limit of a year putting him under pressure. I have problems in my life that are more important than that. I am sure people reading this will have problems in their life that would embarrass me to admit to mine.

so 1 small tip if you get published or a deal. tell people how fantastic life is. because it is. life is wonderful. for me now this is the best life. because you never know what’s around the corner for you. so enjoy it.

so I have marched on to chapter ten without uploading I will have to spend tomorrow listening to it and fingers crossed I will upload. I have answered some questions of the past chapters and we have created some more.

Chapter Seven

Matt was home after working all day. He was sitting looking at TV when the door opened. “get up you lazy arse fecker, get dressed we have somewhere to go” Matt jumped up. it was the first time in nearly ten days he had seen Arlo. “what?”

“go put on your suit we have to go to a funeral”

“Arlo I am sorry”

“be sorry later get dressed now” Arlo said walking past him and into his bedroom.

Matt went and put on his suit. He slipped on a dark tie and readied another one. When he walked out of his bedroom Arlo stood dressed in his suit with the collar of his shirt up waiting on Matt to slip a tie over his head.

“is this your mother’s funeral?”

“yes, we can’t be late it starts at seven”.

Matt looked at his watch it was six thirty-three, “we better get a move on”

“I know that’s what I said” Arlo flipped the collar down over the tie Matt had given him. And nodded towards the door.

They made it to the church in fifteen minutes. Arlo had explained to Matt he wanted him to go inside and check out who was there then come back out and tell him.

Matt walked in, his eyes adjusting to the darkness of the small church. The coffin was placed Infront of the alter. There was one person sitting in the pew on the right. matt walked up to him. He had thought he had been wearing a hat. It turns out a big bandage was wrapped around his head. Matt knew him right away. It was that fucking reporter who tried to set Arlo up. the reporter looked up at Matt. Matt could see the recollection in his eyes. He knew who Matt was.

“what the fuck are you doing here?”

The reporter looked up at him. “your Arlo’s….Friend”

“yes I am what are you doing here?”

“paying my respects”

Matt turned and walked out of the church; Arlo was standing around the back. Matt told him about the reporter. Arlo asked who else was there.

“no body, the priest”

“no body?” Arlo smiled a small smile. (hear that) he said out loud not directing it at Matt.

“is she here?”

“she never goes”

The two of them walked around the front of the church and went inside. Arlo made a beeline for the reporter and sat right down beside him. Matt sat beside Arlo.

“hi Steve, nice to see you, hope it’s not too serious” Arlo pointed at his head.

“Hi Arlo, no I just slipped”

“ahh that’s a shame, you slipping that is”.

Steve smiled back at Arlo. “thanks. Sorry for your loss”

“I am a psychic, there is no loss”

“I was wondering about that”.

“well now you know”.

A cough came from in front of them. they both looked over. “I think we should start”

They both nodded. “ladies and gentlemen. Well just gents today. We are gathered here today to say goodbye to Ramla”.

That was as far as Arlo waited before he got up and left the church. Matt followed after him. “will I continue?” the priest asked Steve. “I don’t mind, but I have to go sorry”. Steve left the church, the priest blessed the coffin and took off his holy garments and went for a smoke.

Arlo had made it to the gate before Steve caught up with him.

“Arlo I need to talk with you”

“sorry I don’t talk to reporters”

“I need your help”

“sorry not in the helping mood” Arlo continued walking away.

“I need to know about the Blue flowers”.

Arlo stopped. Turned and looked at Steve. “you want a reading?”

“I want to know”

“you already know”

“I don’t”

“yes, you do but hell it’s your money. Matt give him a card”

Matt handed Steve a card. There was just an address written on the black card the address was in gold writing. “I will see you tomorrow at two. It should suit you I heard you’re not working” Arlo smiled and walked off. Steve put the card in his top pocket.

Laura walked in the door she was expecting James to be at work, but he was there. “before you say anything just let me say I am so sorry”.

Laura looked at him and walked past him.

“you will never see the gun again, and I am such an asshole for even thinking you would do anything with Arlo”

She looked back at the mention of Arlo.

“please forgive me sweetheart”

“I think we need to take a break; I can’t do this anymore” she walked out of the living room and up the stairs. She expected him to follow her but he did not. She packed a bag and her suitcase and walked down the stairs. She willed herself not to look at James but because he was not making any signs of stopping her she gave in and looked. He was sitting on their sofa and tears were freely flowing down his face. she felt so sorry for him. She dropped her bag and went to him. She put her arms around him as she sat beside him.

“talk to me, what’s wrong?”

“it’s the dreams. Everything, I am losing you, I am losing my mind”.

“what are the dreams?”

James told her all about the horrible dreams he was having. They started that night Ramla came to the house. now he was seeing things while he was awake. Horrible things. He just wanted it to stop.

“I think I am going crazy”

Laura stood up and picked up the phone. “please don’t have me committed”

“don’t be silly I would never do that, but you need help”

She dialed the number “can you come here it’s your father”.

She hung up the phone and sat back down with James. An hour later Arlo knocked at the door. Laura answered it. “will you pay the taxi man?” he pointed over his shoulder at the taxi outside. Matt was just stepping out of the back. Laura got her purse and paid the taxi. By the time she got back in the house. it was a completely different scene then she had left two minutes ago.

Arlo and Matt where moving furniture away to the side of the room. James sat on the sofa his eyes had rolled back and you could just see the whites. Arlo was barking orders at Matt. Get me this get me that. “Laura get me a basin of water”. “Matt take off his shoes” he pointed at his father. Laura went and got the water. She put it in front of James and Matt lifted James’s feet into the basin.

“have you any candles. White ones if you have them.”

“I have tea lights”

“good go get them”

Laura went off again and came back with a bag of tea lights. Arlo flung her his lighter. “on the floor around him”.

She started placing the candles down around her husband. Matt took the lighter and started lighting them.

When they were done Arlo asked them to go stand in the kitchen.

“what’s going on? Is he okay?”

“he has somebody tailgating him. I am going to shake them off. I just don’t want them grabbing hold of one of you when they left go”. That was all the explanation they got before they were ushered out of the room.

Matt took Laura into the kitchen. He put on the kettle and they waited. Everything was quite for a while, then about ten minutes later a sound started. First like a humming noise then as it got louder it sounded like bees. Laura had asked Matt if they should check on Arlo to make sure he was alright. Matt had the sense not to do that. He patted her arm and told her everything would be alright. Matt was shitting himself.

A few minutes after telling Laura everything was going to be okay there was a crashing sound. Things being broken. This went on for a while then it stopped. Nothing. no noise at all. Laura was standing at the door forcing herself not to open it and run to the next room. Then they heard James laughing. Arlo shouted it was okay for them to come back. The room they walked into was vastly different to the room they left almost an hour ago. It looked like a tornado had hit it. Everywhere apart from inside where Laura had laid the candles around James, that was untouched.

Killeen and Adams were going over the case. Unless they came up with something soon the case would just go cold. Adam’s had a bad feeling about the case when it landed on his desk.

There was a woman’s rights activist on their case. She was looking at cases with single women who have died. The successful close rate for these cases were much lower than other murder cases across the board. This was for a number of factors but try and explain that to a woman who is using the numbers to brand the garda force as Misogynistic and not caring for women’s rights.  

There captain was all over this case. Every day he requested an update on a case where there was no evidence that a murder happened.

Adams was appointed the day after it was reported. First it was reported as a suicide. The police officer who was first at the scene had to get the landlord to come over with a master key to open the door. It had been locked from inside the key was still in the door. They had to push the key out first with a coat hanger before opening the door with the master key.

Cries of help had been heard, banging and fighting had been reported. But there was no evidence that anybody else had been in the flat. The windows were locked, and handle pulled down firmly, to open the window you needed a small key. There were no roof hatches as it was a middle floor flat. No way of anybody who had been in here with her to get out. There was also CCTV in the building reception. Nobody was seen entering or leaving the building that day that should not have been there. the landlord had an airtight alibi.

They had interviewed all the tenants in the other flats and while they had all seen the lady who had lived there none of them had talked to her. She had moved in two months before. 

There was no motive. Every part of the flat had been searched and forensically analyzed. That was when the cufflink was found in the lady’s pocket.

Killeen and Adams had done an intensive search of her past. Ramla was born in Africa, a small place called Niumi. There she went to Catholic school and in her teens watched her whole family get slaughtered. She moved to England and got a scholarship to medical school and went on to do her major in DNA Studies in Scotland.

From there she moved to Ireland and finished her schooling in Trinity college. She meets Mr. James Thomas, and they date for a while. They get married and she has a baby. Arlo. Shortly after he is born, she leaves and checks herself into a psychiatric hospital. Once she leaves there, they have a record of her attending nurse schooling. Then she disappears until two months ago when she rented this flat. They have no information on what she has been doing all the years in between then.

They knew the murder weapon was a large paper weight that had been brought down on the back of her skull. Suicide had been ruled out because of the angle of the object that hit her. There would have been no way she could have done that to herself.

Killeen was flicking through pictures of the crime scene when something caught his eye. The paper weight had shattered when it struck Miss Amaechi. It was formed like an iceberg once it sat on your desk it would look like the top of an iceberg floating by.  It was now in three parts, with blood on the top of the iceberg. Killen zoomed in on the photo. Then he put a request in to have evidence marked 5A TTHIO brought to him, he needed Adams to sign off on it as he was still a Junior officer on this case.

Adams asked him what he wanted it for. Killeen told him he just wanted to see it up close.

The next day the paper weight was sitting in three parts on his desk. He slipped on gloves and took three parts out of the bags they were in. he clicked on the lamp on his desk and held two of the three pieces together under it.

Very faintly engraved on the bottom of the iceberg was (Until the End of Time) and just under that was JT.

that was two things tying James Thomas to the scene. Adams walked over and Killeen showed him what he had found.

They made the trip to Meath again.

Steve was sitting at home, playing a game on his phone it was some dread awful game he had downloaded a few months back. He tried not going on it, but every day he would get notifications telling him that his village needs him. He would eventually think to himself five minutes. It was never five minutes. An hour later he would still be playing. He wondered if it was an addiction but never investigated it apart from that.

He had been thinking a lot about his father and sister lately.

The day his father had died played over in his mind every night. The blood droplets at the end of his sister’s skirt. That smile she gave him before being taken away.

He had spent four months in a boys home before being adopted. He was fourteen at the time. His new parents did not really want a son as much as they wanted somebody to help around the shop. They had owned a little shop in Dublin that sold everything. Within two weeks of going home with them he was working part time in the shop. After school and at weekends. They were not bad people. They never hit him. He was given a small wage. He was used to looking after himself, so he was no trouble.

He had only seen his sister once after they had been separated. He had been called to act as legal guardian at her court case when he was eighteen, she was seventeen so needed someone to look after her. She had changed a lot from when he had seen her last. She was up on GBH charges. Looks like she had beat the shit out of another girl in the orphanage. 

He had spent twenty minutes talking to her before the court case. He had said he would go as character witness for her. It did not go to plan.

The judge turned out to be a proper bitch. Steve was called to the stand. He was allowed give one- or two-word answers and when he tried to say anything good about his sister he was told to stop talking. The judge actually told him if he continued speaking out of turn, she would add him to her docket and rule on the both of them.

His sister was sentenced as an adult because of the nature of the incident. She was given eight years. He tried to visit her, but she would not see him. So, he just gave up. he was sure she was out by now or maybe she was even back in for something else it did not look like she was the type to change.

Now she came into his mind every night. He thought about her a lot. he clicked out of his game. And hit google on his phone. He hated using it because it was too small for him. That was a nice way for him to get away with not having to give in and go get his eyes checked.

He typed in her name. several women came up. he switched to pictures. He looked at each one. None stood out. He was sure he would still know her to look at but all these women he flicked past where not her. (she might have got married and changed her name, she might be dead) he closed down the search and put down his phone.

He knew he was not going to sleep; he checked his wallet he had €60. He knew Arlo was expecting payment, but he would deal with that when it came to it. (fuck it) he thought as he stood up and grabbed his jacket. He walked to the pub. €60 later he staggered home and slept all night.

Arlo looked out the window when he heard the gravel crunch outside. He let the curtain fall back into place and looked at his father “upstairs get into bed”. James did not wait to be told again. “Laura you answer the door tell them James is not well if they won’t go away bring them to me in the kitchen. Matt lock this room up I don’t fancy explaining this to them.

There was a knock on the door, Matt was just turning the key in the door to the hallway. They heard Laura telling the Garda James was not feeling well.

Matt moved back over to the kitchen door and locked it. He put the keys on the kitchen table and sat beside Arlo.

Laura walked into the kitchen with the two Garda walking behind her. “Gentlemen I am sure Mrs. Thomas told you my father is not well today”. “Arlo, nice to see you again” he could see the look of surprise on Adam’s face. he looked at Matt “looks like you found your friend” a small smile creeped onto his face.

“yes I did, no thanks to you” Matt watch the smile fall off Adam’s face.

Killeen walked in behind Adam’s. “we want to see your father, Now”

“my father is not feeling well”

“that does not matter, we want to see him”

“no problem, just show me the warrant and I will bring you up to him”

Adam’s looked at Killeen.

“do you not have one?”

“No but we would like a word with your father anyway”

“oh in that case. Fuck Off! Laura, please show these Men out”. Arlo made a face like he had tasted something bad when he said Men. Matt sat there smiling from ear to ear. As Adam’s turned to walk away Matt waved at him.

Laura closed the door behind the two Garda after they stormed out. James was hiding at the top of the stairs he whispered, “are they gone?”. “yes” Arlo had walked out into the hallway.

James came back down the stairs.

“I am going to need to speak to my father, would you two mind starting the clean up and we will join you after we are done”. Arlo took his fathers arm and led him into the study the other side of the hallway.

Arlo walked into the study and over to the side cabinet. His father walked around the table and sat down in his chair. Arlo opened the cabinet and took out a bottle of brandy and two glasses. His father had a little ice machine built into the cabinet and Arlo fingered two ice cubes into each glass. He topped up the glasses with Brandy and put one in front of his father. He kept the other and sat down facing him.

“what happened to me?”

“you had a ghost attach itself to you, it was trying to influence you and mess with your mind. That’s not why I wanted to talk to you.”

“what do you want to talk about?”

“my mother, did you know what she had done?”

“I did not know she was dead until that Garda walked in to your flat”.

“no dad, did you know what she did to me?”

“she left us, you”

“dad did you know she gave me this, gift” Arlo waved his hands in the air.

“well, I knew you did not get it from me”

“She messed with her own DNA, before she was pregnant in Scotland before she came here. when she got pregnant with me, she passed all that fucked up DNA to me.”

James sat there opened mouthed. “just when I start to feel sorry for that woman something else comes up. ohh Arlo I know I should not say this about your mom, but I fucking hate her, I am sorry but its true. She has let us down so many times”. Tears sprang from James’s eyes.

Chapter Eight

Steve woke with a bit of a sore head. He had not dreamed so that was good. He got up and dressed he scraped together enough money for a coffee. He went and enjoyed it. There was lots of time before he had to see Arlo.

Laura had dropped Arlo and Matt back to their flat that morning. A note had been dropped into the flat while they were gone.

Matt, it is with sadness in my heart that I have to leave this note. Unfortunately, due to you not showing up for work and not letting us know either by phone or email, that I now have to leave this note of termination. Any belongings that you might have left behind will be sent to you in due course. Please don’t show up at the premises as we will be forced to turn you away.

Best wishes

Sorry this did not work out for you

Sean Mc Dermot.    

Arlo had picked it up and read it first. He handed it to Matt “sorry Pal, more time to hang around with your best friend”.

“what?” matt took the note and read it. “fuck”.

“fancy a drink?”

Arlo looked at Matt without a smile on his face “I have work this afternoon or have you forgotten”.

“what you always made me drink before going to work”

“that is because you are weak willed and easily manipulated”


“so, I am not”

“but that’s not fair, I just lost my job because of you”

“I know, so I am the only bread winner now. I have to take responsibility now”.

“Arlo you’re an ass”

Arlo smiled “you’re so gullible” he took a bottle of vodka from his jacket.

“where did you get that”

“I found it when I was tiding up my fathers living room, it looked to me it needed to be tidied up, so I took it away with me”

“I did all the cleaning with Laura; you stole a bottle of vodka”.

“and Gin”. he lifted another bottle out of his jacket.


“let’s call it payment, I worked hard there”

“didn’t your dad give you some money before we left?”

“yes, but I did not know he was going to do that when I took the bottles. Did I?”

The two of them laughed and Matt grabbed two glasses.

Arlo poured.

Steve found the address and saw the bell it had stars on it. He pressed the bell and heard a buzz. He pushed the door and walked in. From the intercom he heard (3rd floor)

He took the lift to the third floor when he stepped out of the lift, he heard music. The closer he got to it the louder it got. Buffalo soldier was playing someplace close. He saw an open door and looked inside there was Arlo and his friend dancing with their hands in the air around the kitchen  

Woe yoy yoy yo, yoy yoy yoy yo

Buffalo Soldier, troddin’ through the land woah
Said he wanna ran, then you wanna hand
Troddin’ through the land, yeah, yeah

Steve knocked on the door, Arlo waved him in. he had not stopped dancing, Matt had taken a seat at the kitchen counter and was sitting behind a large glass that looked like it was full of water. Steve could smell the vodka.

“IS NOW A BAD TIME?” Steve raised his voice to be heard over the music.

“ARE YOU CRAZY NOW IS A GREAT TIME”. Still dancing Arlo reached over a took a big drink of the glass that was in front of him.

He pointed at Steve and then Matt, he did the universal hand sign for drink and Matt walked to the press and took another glass down and put it on the table. Matt poured about a quarter of the way up the glass. The song finished and Arlo walked over to the radio and turned it off.

“right Stevey what’s the story? don’t be shy, I will be ever so delighted to help you”.

“I don’t have any money”

“you have to offer me something or else it won’t work.

You give me something I give you something.”

“like what?,”

“I don’t know, anything”

“I don’t know”

“what about your sole?” Arlo started to laugh.

“what about information?”

“ohh, what information?”

“about your mother”

“I have that firsthand, anything else?”

“what she did in Scotland and the professor she worked with”

“yes. I have all that information”

“what about the results of your test, you were never given that were you?”

“oh. No I was not”.

“I can get you the results”

“deal” Arlo stuck his hand out. Steve shook it.

“drink up you will need it”

Steve knocked back the drink Matt had put on the counter for him. It was neat gin. It burned going down and Steve coughed when he finished it.

Arlo looked at Matt and nodded, Matt topped up Steve’s glass. This time Steve sipped it. 

“thank you”.

Matt filled his own glass and said nothing, he was still not a fan of the reporters. Arlo could let things go but Matt had not mastered that yet. He held a grudge.

“you want to know about the forget-me nots”


“sit down, take off your jacket”

Steve did as he was told. He took hold of his glass and had a sip.

“you know by now what happened that day”

“I think so”

“your father is here if you want to ask him anything”

“right, humm, is he okay?”

“Steve we can stop this here if that’s the hard-hitting questions you’re going to be asking him. He is dead. He is fine”.

“Oh Okay. My sister killed him. Why”

“good that’s better. Yes, she killed him. Why?” Arlo stopped for a second like he was listening “she was too much like her mother”.

“what does that mean?”

“your mother was unwell most of her life, your father is showing me her brain”.

“she was mental?”

“she was sick, Your father said.”

“but mom died in a car crash, right?”

“yes, but nobody else was involved in her death, he is showing me a big tree”

“she killed herself?”.

“yes, he is not hear to talk about that he wants you to find your sister”


“she is not doing good things and he can’t watch over her anymore”.

“why does he care? she killed him”.

“he is showing me a picture of a baby, she is still his baby. Just like you”.

“I tried looking for her, I can’t find her”

“ha ha, sorry he is tapping on your forehead”

Steve was not sure, but he thought he felt something, but was that because Arlo put the suggestion in his mind.

“what if I don’t want to?”

“your dad was a funny man. He is showing me Yoda, (do or not do)”.

Steve started smiling that was there thing, his father had brought him to the first movie and both of them had loved it. His father did the Yoda voice a lot Steve liked it.

“do you have any other questions for your father he is pulling back”.

“what’s it like?”

“much the same, but time is different he does not know how to put it”.

“tell him I love him, and I miss him”

“he heard you” Arlo smiled again “he called you a puff”.

Steve laughed, yes that was too far for his father. He was never emotional with them. he hugged them on their birthdays and Christmas maybe if you hurt yourself really bad.

“he is showing me your sister and bird, no a duck, it’s a type of duck but he is gone”

“Type of duck? What does that mean?”

“I don’t know, it was in reference to your sister”

Matt spoke up for the first time “maybe it’s her new name”


“I don’t know like goose or Mallard”

Arlo looked at Matt “I think he might be right”

Steve took out his notepad and wrote Mallard in it.

He finished his drink and headed off.

Arlo looked at Matt. “now pal I have to go into my room. Am I going to find myself locked in there? “he had pointed at the reflection room.

“not by me” matt answered with a smirk.

“not this time you mean” Arlo lifted his glass over to the sink and walked to his room.

Chapter Nine

James walked into the station accompanied by his lawyer. Adam’s kept them waiting almost an hour. They were shown to a different interview room this time. Killeen was already sitting in the room when they walked in.

“thank you for joining us today Mr. Thomas”

James did not say anything but took a seat opposite Killeen and his lawyer joined him.

“we are continuing are investigation into the death of your ex-wife”.

“can you tell us again when was the last time you saw your ex-wife?”.

“2 days before her death”

“she came to your house”


“how did she get there?”

“I don’t know”.

“how did she get home?”

James looked at his lawyer and he nodded, “my wife dropped her home”

“your wife”, Killeen went over some papers found what he was looking for “Laura”


“why did you not tell us this last time we interviewed you?”

“I did not know that at the time”.

“so your wife kept it from you that she dropped your ex-wife home”.

“she had not had a chance to tell me yet”

“you live together?”


“we interviewed you two days after your ex-wife’s death that was four days after she had been at your home, is that right?”


“and you and your wife lived together for them four days?”


“so I will ask you again, your wife kept it from you that she had drop your ex-wife home for at least four days”.

“well you could say that”

“I am saying that. I don’t know how else you could put it. Did your wife tell you about it before we interviewed you Mr. Thomas?”

“no, she did not”.

“does your wife keep a lot of things from you Mr. Thomas?”

“I don’t see the relevance of this question; you do not have to answer that Mr. Thomas”.

“okay, does your wife tell you everything she does?”

“no I don’t think anybody’s partner does”

“really? Take for instance my wife” said Adam’s. “she tells me about everything she does, everything she buys and who she met on her trip to town, even if I don’t want to hear it, what about your wife Killeen?”

“yes, the same, can’t get her to stop talking”

“I fail to see where this is going. Are we just comparing wife’s, my wife tells me nothing”. the lawyer added

“lucky man” Killeen looked at Adam’s.

“well let’s see what your wife has told you Mr. Thomas, did your wife tell you she spent the night with your son in his mother’s flat?”.

“yes. Yes, she did” James was gritting his teeth while answering the question.

“Did she tell you she took your ex-wife for lunch on the same day she turned up at your door?”


“just not the day it happened; she waited a while to tell you is that right?”


“when did she tell you she spent the night with your son?”

“what are you implying” James had raised his voice; his lawyer had put his hand on his arm.

“oh, nothing at all”.

“did your wife ever tell you she went into your ex-wife’s Flat”


“where did she say she was the night she was with Arlo”

“oh sorry yes she did. I thought you meant before then”.

“so she was in that Flat before”

“no. she was not”

“well not that she has told you so far”

“she told me about dropping Ramla home she did not go into her flat at that time”

“so just the time with your son?”


Adams took out a bag that he had in a box by his feet. James knew what it was. Adam’s opened the bag and took out the three parts and put them on the table.

“do you know what this is Mr. Thomas?”

“yes, it is a paper weight I bought for Ramla years ago”

“at the time did you have anything engraved on this?”

Steve smiled remembering happier times, “yes, I can’t remember what, but I did get something on it”

“the words (until the end of time) “.

“yes, that was it”

“Have you ever thought about killing your ex-wife?”

“do not answer that Mr. Thomas. My client’s thoughts are not your business or anybody else’s. I asked this before last time I was here, is this all you have a cufflink and a broken Ice-burg that my client had engraved for his ex-wife years ago?”

Adam’s pointed at the iceberg “this. oh this is the murder weapon”.

James looked at the iceberg sitting on the table in three parts. He wanted to take hold of them and push the parts together. He pushed that thought out of his head. He had never seen a murder weapon before. He always thought of guns or swords, big hammers, something like that as murder weapons not this paper weight. Not this thing that was bought with love at the time.

He remembered seeing it in a shop window and thinking I have to get that for her. For the woman he loved. At the time he loved her with everything he had. all he wanted was to see her happy. To see the love, he felt reflected in her eyes. He loved her right up to the day she left him holding their son.

He snapped back into the room. Adam’s was talking to him, he caught “would she tell you?”

“sorry can you say that again?”

“I said if your current wife had seen this trinket with the engraving on it do you think she would tell you about it”.

“I don’t know”

“so she could have seen it?”

“no, she was not in the flat”

“oh yes she was not in the flat, that time”


“does your wife often spend the night with your son?”

“what no”

“so, this was special? a once off”.

“yes, well no, she found Arlo he had been missing”

“well, he had not been missing, he was in his mother’s flat”

“yes, but we did not know that?”

“did your wife know that he was there?”


“so why did she go to your ex-wife’s flat?”

James stopped talking he was thinking to himself (why did she go there)

“I don’t know you would have to ask her”.

“we will”.

“if there is nothing else?” The lawyer went to stand up.

“how are you feeling Mr. Thomas?”

“I am fine thank you”

“you were not yourself when we called to your house”

James smiled “you can say that again. But much better now” he stood up and Adams put the Iceberg back in the bag and into the box on the floor.    

Laura had got up that morning and made breakfast for the four of them. she woke James and he had his in bed. Arlo had suggested he call the lawyer and present himself at the station because if push came to shove, they could come back with a warrant. James had rang the lawyer and arranged to go that afternoon. Laura had asked him if he wanted her to go with them. somebody had to drop Arlo and Matt back to their flat they had made that clear.

She dropped off the boys and said she would wait at the station for him to come out after he had been interviewed.

She had parked up the next street down as she could not get parking on the street. She had just missed James going in by minutes. She sat at reception reading a newspaper somebody had left behind. They had tried the crossword but they had made several mistakes. She had skipped to the agony aunt section. She loved the questions that were sent in. she had just read one about a young lady who wanted to have a child and wanted to know if it was wrong to tell her partner that she was on the pill, even though she had stopped taking it. And did the agony aunt think he would stay with her if she got pregnant. 

“Laura Thomas?”

Laura looked up a lady Garda was standing in front of her.


“can you come with me please”

“yes, is James okay”

“I am sure he is fine, we just want to have a word with you”.

Another garda, a man moved from behind the woman who had spoken and took Laura’s arm and helped her to her feet.

“what’s this about?”

“just a few questions” the hand went back on her arm and was directing her towards the interview rooms.

“well, I really think I should wait for my husband”

“it is fine we will let him know where you are” the lady garda said from behind her.

Arlo was drained he walked into his reflection room and sat on the floor. The day before had taken it out of him. It was the first time he had sent away a ghost. He was use to the feeling of them slipping away and had in the past tried to hold on to them, but it was the first time he push one.

When he had walked into his father’s house, he saw a figure floating about his father. It was a man, he was dressed in white, and he had white hair. Little rimmed spectacles like John Lennon had worn but without the tint.

The ghost had seen them come in and Arlo was sure it had seen Arlo’s face and the surprise, but it was oblivious to Arlo, he floated about Arlo’s father whispering to him to get them out of the house. (get them out of the house and finally have a real talk with that wife of yours. Show her what the gun is for.)

Arlo had taken Matt aside and told him what he had seen and what was going to happen and to move when it did. Arlo had gotten his father into the living room and then set Laura and Matt their tasks.

The ghost knew something was going on and tried to slip inside of James. Arlo could see it pushing against James’s skull. His father’s eyes had rolled up and you could just see the whites. Arlo clicked his fingers and the ghost looked at him. It stopped what it was doing and focused on Arlo. Arlo did not take his eyes off the ghost.

Before the Ghost knew it Arlo had his father’s feet in water. Water acts like an anker to the real world grounding his father to this room.

The candles helped solidify the ghost and make it more manageable. Arlo was winging it. He had never come across this before, so he was putting everything he learned to the test. He had cleared the room and told Laura and Matt not to come back in.

His eyes were still locked with the ghosts. Arlo spread his arms as far as they would go and felt energy build up as he slowly closed them. he pictured the energy wrapping itself around the ghost and squeezing. The look of surprise on the ghost’s face was a confirmation to Arlo that it was working. Then he felt the ghost pushing back. 

It was like his arms were being forced apart, then he felt something move into his chest. He looked down and the ghost had what looked like a third arm growing out of its chest and the arm was now wrist deep in Arlo’s chest.  He felt something clamp down on his heart.

Oh, fuck! Arlo thought then he pictured himself in a suit of armor. He pictured it being built up from the ground his toes, his legs, around his waist, his groin, his tummy then his chest, it felt like he had put on Armor he felt the weight of it lastly the helmet the visor slamming shut. The ghost screamed. Its arm came away there was no hand attached to the wrist. Arlo felt like he was part of a sumo fight. He felt arms push at him, he did the same. This went on for some time. Then it clicked with Arlo this Ghost was playing with him.

Nothing had hurt him from the time Arlo gathered his energy and was bring it full force down on the ghost. He had been playing all this time. Arlo took a mental step back gathered his energy and enveloped the ghost. Yet again he took the ghost by surprise. The ghost struggled but for real this time. Arlo felt the pressure clamp down on the ghost. He was winning. The ghost pushed and prodded it had found a small gap and slithered out from around Arlo’s grip from Arlo’s Father. Arlo filled up the room with energy and found the ghost he expelled it from the house. it left with a bang. The house shuddered. His father sat there on the sofa looking like he had no clue what the hell just happened.

Arlo knelt in front of his father and told him everything was going to be okay.

“what happened” James looked at his son.

“you just had a bad curry and have shit yourself but were going to change you soon.”

James looked down at himself then back up at Arlo “you fucker” the two of them laughed.

I have uploaded chapter seven , eight and nine. the story is still flowing nicely. I have slowed down on the bouncing from character to character maybe only doing it once or twice in a chapter. this gives you a chance to build the story, add more details. one of my faults that I am aware of, is dragging on sentences. so they might go on two or three lines. I know this so I brake them down and make sure to add full stops. sometime. when you write. adding a full stop. and creating short sentences. helps. build the pace. it adds tension. I would use this a lot when characters are talking.

when you are writing dialogue I find it helps to talk it out in your head. don’t forget everybody wants something. the Garda want the truth or at least to solve the case. an innocent person wants to be free and help if they can. a guilty person wants not to be found out and might go above and beyond to help the Garda if it stops the finger being pointed at them.

also details are important, you should keep a note book beside you when writing. small things like original I had written the iceberg had broken into two, then i had to go back and change it to three parts, i had written about Steve’s sister. after one of his dreams he is thinking about the last time he seen her. it was when he was eighteen and she was seventeen. I think earlier in the story I had said she was older than him so I will have to go back and change that. it just felt better to the story to have him as a legal guardian for her so she had to be younger.

Chapter Ten

Laura found herself sitting in a room all by herself. She checked her handbag and took out her phone. There was no reception in the room. She put it back in her bag. After ten minutes when nobody had come into the room, she opened the door and walked out. The lady Garda was sitting at a desk just opposite the room. She stood up when she saw Laura walking out. “can I help you?”

“no, I have decided not to wait I am going home” Laura put her bag on her shoulder and walked towards the reception area.

“I am sorry Mrs. Thomas you have to wait for the Garda in charge to speak to you”.

“no I don’t”

“sorry, yes you do”.

“am I under arrest?”


“am I under arrest?”

“no Adams would just like”

“I don’t care what Adam’s would like; I am not sitting in a room waiting like a fool. When Adam’s is ready, he can come and get me he knows where I live”.

Adam’s as if summoned walked into Laura’s field of vision. “sorry to keep you waiting Mrs. Thomas. Would you follow me please” Adams walked into the room Laura had just walked out of.

Laura turned and followed Adam’s she was just about to close the door when Killeen put his hand on the door to stop her. “it’s a party I am afraid” he said with a smile. Pushing the door.

Adam’s pointed at a seat and Laura took it. “we won’t take much of your time”


“we have spoken to your husband, unfortunately he does not trust you”.


“he told us that you have lied to him several times and if we wanted to know anything to ask you ourselves”.

“he is really hanging you out to dry” added Killeen as he sat down facing her.

“sorry I don’t understand”

“your husband told us you lied to him about meeting his ex-wife”

“no I never”

“well the first time we interviewed your husband he never told us that you dropped his ex-wife home” Adams was looking at his notes “then in our next interview he informed us that you had”

“I just had not had a chance to tell him”

“four days after you dropped her home you had not told your husband, he said you were both in the same house, together the whole time and you never said anything”

“well, we had a fight”

“okay he never mentioned that, was this about his ex-wife?”


“can you tell me what it was about then Mrs. Thomas”

“he thought I was cheating on him”

“ohh, and were you?”

“No I was not”

“okay” Adams had lifted his hands up.

“No I did not cheat on my husband”.

“why did he think you were cheating?”

“I had stayed out later than normal, I took his ex-wife for lunch before I dropped her home”

“does Mr. Thomas normally fly off the handle like that if you were out late”

“no, Not really”

“but he likes to know where you are and who your with”

“well yes”

“see my wife would not stand for that she is very independent what about you” he looked over at Killeen “my wife tells me nothing”.

“well, you must not have good communication in your relationship” Laura smiled for a second.

“like not telling your husband for four days two of them were after he had been arrested. No, we will have to work on that”. Adam’s smiled.

Laura said nothing she just looked down at her hands.

“so tell me, you know your husband likes to keep tabs on you and already thinks your cheating on him, why would you spend a night with another man?”

“what, what other man”

“I think you would call him your stepson”


“yes, if you know he is jealous why would you spend a night alone with his own son, he is a good-looking chap, tall, dark, Handsome”.

“he is also Bisexual, so if you like him that much I can put in a good word, if things are not going well with your wife”.

“no thank you Mrs. Thomas. I think I will stick with my wife, but your husband must have been mad. He must have been wondering where you were and who you were with”

“I don’t know what he was thinking”

“so did you tell him you spent the night with his son”

“it was not like that, nothing happened between me and Arlo”

“I never said it did, just wondering what were Mr. Thomas thoughts on it”

“as I said I don’t know his thoughts”

“your husband told us you were out looking for Arlo, he was missing at the time”.

“yes, we all were, sure his flat mate tried to open a missing person case with you I believe”

“turned out he was safe all along”.


“how did you come to find Arlo?”


“how did you know where Arlo was? Did he text you or call you let you know where he was?”


“you just found him?”


“at his dead mothers flat?”


“and how did you know to look there?”

“well I didn’t”

“so you went there for another reason?”

“no, no that’s not what I am saying”

“why don’t you tell me how you happened to find Arlo at his dead mothers flat?”

“I saw him outside it”

“he brought you up then?”


“was that the first time you were there?”


“Mr. Thomas’s ex-wife did not invite you up when you dropped her back?”.

“no, it was my first time with Arlo”

“going into the flat or spending the night?” came from Killeen.

“going into the flat”

“so, you would regularly spend the night on your own with Arlo?”

“no, your putting words in my mouth”

“so did you give her the cufflink or did she take it herself?”

“she must have taken it, I don’t know”

“Mrs. Thomas I am going to ask you this just one time and believe me it is much better in the long run if you tell the truth. Did you kill your husband’s ex-wife?”.

Laura started to cry.

“did you kill her?”

No, it was not me”

“so, you know who did it?”


Adams stood up and walked to the door. “please consider what you are going to say to us next Mrs. Thomas, don’t leave this room until I get back. If you do, I will place you under arrest. Do you understand me?”

Laura nodded and Killeen followed Adams out and closed the door.

“I think we have her, she is close”

“she is not in the egg yet” Killeen smiled


“you know. don’t count your eggs and all that”

“but that’s not a saying”.

“yes, it is”.

Adams walked away from Killeen and got himself a coffee. He heard Killeen talking to the Garda who had brought Mrs. Thomas in. “no it is, sure me own father use to say it, you musta heard it” she was shaken her head.

James was standing outside the Garda station with his lawyer, he had searched the street to see if he could see Laura’s jeep. There was no sign of it anywhere. He had tried to ring her several times and he had left texts, but she was not getting back to him.

He had rang Arlo to see if she was still with them, it had rang out twice and then Matt had picked up. Arlo was in his room and they had not seen Laura since she dropped them off.

James said good by to the lawyer and tried calling Laura a few more times. He sat in his car for about twenty minutes. He was worried but thought Laura might have gone home so he headed off.

He really started to get worried when he got home and there was no Laura. The jeep was not in the garden and he checked the house just in case. He sat there not knowing what to do. He thought about what the Garda had said to him. How much did he trust Laura? She had lied to him about his ex-wife, and she did keep secrets. She had wanted to take a brake just the day before she had packed a bag. Maybe she was gone. He walked up to the bedroom and checked her closet. None of her clothes were gone.

Arlo dragged himself off the floor. He sat in the chair and put his arms on the table. He had learned breathing control and channeling his energy from one of the many books he had read on Psychics. If his mother would shut the fuck up he could recharge himself. The only time he was free of her was when he went to his fathers house, she would not follow him in.

She had shown him everything up to her death, he knew all about the university in Scotland, the research she did there and how she manipulated her own DNA.

She had some psychic abilities before she started her studies, growing up in Africa that type of thing is not frowned upon. As a little girl her grandmother and her would talk to all the ghosts in the village. Her grandmother was a witchdoctor and well respected in their village. That was until she was killed. Her whole family were taken off their land, Drugs that’s what their land was used for. To grow them, pack them sell them. the bloodshed that happened scarred her. She saw her family and friends slaughtered. The only reason she was alive was because of the ghosts. They warned her, they told her to move and where to go, what to say, where to hide.

They got her on a boat to England. That was the only time she did not hear the ghosts when she was on the sea. They can’t cross water.

She was twelve when she reached England, she was taken in by a family there and they spotted her brilliance and sent her to school. She was hungry for knowledge and loved school. Once she left school she went to university and did not look back.

She had an interest in DNA from when she learned about it first in school. She found it fascinating that it was the Plan for everything. She looked at it like DNA was a cookery book with all the instructions for making all of life. It is what we are made of.

It was not till she saw the study they did in Scotland that she thought about her psychic abilities. She spent months trying to get the right combination and test and retest. Her professor liked her idea and let her run with it. If she could prove to the world that there was some kind of life after death, and she could prove it using the universities DNA as a platform it could double or triple their income.

The first time she had heightened her abilities was so exciting. She was lying on her bed after being in the lab all day she had tested a concoction on herself that day.

She heard a ghost and called it to her. She sat and talked to the ghost as she would normally. When the ghost started to form into a solid state in front of her eyes she was blown away. It was not until her dorm mate walked into their room and started to scream that Ramla knew that other people could see them too.

She up the dosage the following day and yet again her dorm mate sat shivering on her bed with the blanket covering her face telling Ramla to make them go away.

The following day she up the dosage again, the effect was almost immediate. Ghosts started forming in the lab. Ramla walked to the canteen, she gathered more and more ghost as she did. There was pandemonium. Students were screaming and running all over the place. One student died they had a heart attack, and several were injured in a stampede.

Professor Nilsson had caught the ghosts on camera and when he went to the board with this discovery, he was shocked to find out that they were not excited about this. In fact, they wanted this covered up. They had a death on their hands and a lawsuit could cost them millions. It could destroy the university. They told him to lose the video and shut down the study. He refused. He knew that this was the proof that people needed. He exposed the university to a reporter who was already covering the death on the campus. The professor was arrested and from there they sent him to an insane asylum. They branded him a lunatic and closed his lab. Ramla found herself out on the streets. The only other place she could go to finish her studies was Ireland.

The rest Arlo knew, she met his father. Fell in love. Had a son. Saw her best friend holding her son in his bedroom. Her best friend who she had not seen since she left Africa. Who was dead. She knew then she had to get as far away from Arlo as she could. For his wellbeing.

Arlo was sick of hearing this. She hammered it home again.

She told him about her work as a nurse, she never had any family. She worked all over Ireland. In homes and hospitals. She was happy with her life. That was up to two weeks before her death.

She had woke up one night screaming, in her dream she had injected herself with a vile, marked on the vile was SUPER DNA, as soon as she injected it into her arm. Her arm had started to burn the burning sensation had traveled up her arm, every second getting hotter and hotter. If felt like her arm was on fire. It moved up and then down into her chest. She could not breathe.

She screamed in her dream and also as she woke up, she screamed because the feeling in her chest did not go away. It had changed slightly. It was not heat, it was pressure. She felt like she had a weight sitting on her chest. Then she heard a voice come directly in front of her face. “you ruined me”

She tried to sit up but the pressure on her chest was too much it held her pinned to the bed. nearly twenty minutes she lay like that hearing that voice over and over “you ruin me”

Then it just stopped. The pressure was gone. She could move she ran to the window and opened it. Dragging in gulps of air. She had no idea what had just happened. She thought that she had dreamt the whole thing until she heard the voice from behind her. “I am going to make you pay”.

This harassment went on none stop for days and days. There was no easing up, she could not sleep or eat. She was losing her mind. She had move to a small flat thinking the ghost would stay where it was. That did not help. She had quit her job. She was lost. Then she thought of Arlo. She could not get rid of this ghost but maybe Arlo and her could. That is when she went to James.

Arlo pleaded with her to stop, just for an hour. He needed to boost his energy and he was mentally wiped from hearing his mother’s story. He had spent days fighting her. Telling her to get the fuck away from him. She was in his mind constantly. When he finally relented and let her in she bombarded him with information it was like a sudden download. He could not take it. When he heard Matt open the door he bolted. He ran from his flat he ran from his mother. He did not know where he was going but he knew he had to get away. He found himself at her flat. She had paid for six months. The Garda were finished with it and the landlord transfer the rental to him.

He slept the first night peaceful, then when he woke the next morning his mother was back. He was slowly processing the information she had dumped on him. What he had was fragmented and out of order.

He spent the days trying to work things out he spent the nights trying to get drunk.

Then Laura showed up, he was facing the lift when he heard his name being called. He knew who it was right away. When he turned and saw her face and the tears in her eyes, he knew he had to try and help her.

He had brought her up to the flat and they had talked. She had told him how his father had been acting and that did not sound like his father. When she told him about the gun he was surprised. His father was not that kinda guy.

He had poured drinks and they sat and talked. He remembered the way she had looked at him the last time they saw each other. He had just been wearing a towel fresh out of the shower.

Her eyes had been glued to his body and she had blushed when she dragged her eyes away. He was thinking about this while comforting her about his father. At one point she reached to get her glass and knocked her glass on to the floor. She had jumped up to grab some paper towel to dry the floor. She was on her hands and knees wiping the floor when Arlo looked at her from the sofa. She was wearing white jeans and a lose top he could see her bra when she moved her body in the swipe motion. He could also see the white thong she had on as the top separated from her jeans as she bent over. 

She was in great shape for a woman of her age. He knew she was a lot younger than his father but compared to Arlo she was quite a bit older. She turned to get up and saw him staring at her ass. She blushed again.

“maybe I should just head home” the blush was slowly leaving her face.

“na, don’t be silly, you can’t drive and there is a bed back there with your name on it” Arlo pointed down the small hallway.

“are you sure, where will you sleep?”

“I will grab a few blankets and put them down here”.

“no I cant let you do that, sure I will fit on the sofa”

“no the bed is yours. That’s it.”

Arlo topped up her glass and handed it to her. “nightcap?”

She took the glass and had a sip and sat back down.

They chatted for a little while and when she finished her wine, she patted her legs and said she was off to bed. Arlo walked her down to the bedroom and grabbed some blankets that were in the wardrobe. 

Arlo left her to sleep and made a bed for himself on the floor. He was just going to sleep when his mother piped up “she seems nice, I liked her, I hope James is treating her nice”

“I am not talking about my father and his wife with my mother”.

“just saying that she is nice, a bit young maybe but nice”

“goodnight mom”

The following morning, Laura walked into the living room Arlo was just waking up. he stood up wearing just his underpants and supporting morning wood. Laura did not know where to look. Well, she did but had to drag her eyes away again.

Arlo was just about to walk past her when her phone rang. Laura looked at the screen and showed it to Arlo. He took hold of the phone and spoke to his father. He past the phone to Laura with a thumbs up and walked into the bathroom.

Arlo had just finished in the bathroom and opened the door when he heard “FUCKKK”, and a phone went flying past him hitting the wall. He bent and picked it up. as he did, he knocked off the phone call.

“bad news?”

“your father just accused me of sleeping with you”

Arlo could not believe it; he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her. She started to cry again. “don’t, its going to be okay. Maybe you need to take some space away until he sorts himself out”.

Laura lifted her face and kissed Arlo full on the lips. He was taken back, just by surprise and then he kissed her back. Passionately. He could feel himself getting hard again. Laura pushed him away. “sorry I can’t. That would make me as bad as he thinks I am” she ran to the bathroom crying.

Arlo was left standing there in his underpants with wood all by himself. (I need a fuck) he thought to himself. He got dressed and turned on the coffee pot.

Laura came out just in time for a coffee, she had stopped crying and had done her make up. “I am sorry Arlo I am ever so embarrassed”.

“let’s forget about it. Okay?”


They had their coffee and Laura headed off back to James. Arlo was standing at the counter when his mother started again. “she would be more your age than your fathers”

“shut up”

“what do I know”

“shut up”

“its my funeral today”


“my body is being buried today”

She told him where her body was being held. He thought to himself every movie he has ever watched the killer always returns to the scene of the crime or to the funeral. He made up his mind he had let Matt stew enough. he wanted his friend. Well we know what happened then.

Arlo’s mind was racing with everything that had happened, then he realized he could not hear his mother she had stopped talking. She had taken his plea. He hoped it would be longer than an hour. He closed his eyes and filled his body with energy he felt it building every time he took a breath.

He felt refreshed and energetic when he came out of his reflection room. Matt had told him that Laura was missing. Arlo tried ringing Laura’s phone. It had taken a hit against the wall the other morning, but it had seemed fine when he handed it back to her. Maybe it was acting up.

He phone his father, James was upset but Arlo did not think the ghost had come back, he was not worried about his father.

He told his dad to keep in touch and he would do the same. He was just turning after hanging up the phone to tell Matt what his dad had said, when his mother spoke to him “I can find her”


“I didn’t say anything” Matt looked at him puzzled

“not you, shut up” Arlo turned away from Matt and was looking at the wall.


“I just can, I got a sense of her when she was in my flat. I can find her”

“well then do it”

“I will if you do something for me”


“take this serious, find out who killed me, you have been running around with your thumb up your ass. Stop drinking and concentrate on this”.

Arlo was shocked, he took a deep breath. Pushed it out “alright, this will be my main concern”.

Arlo felt her going, he turned to Matt “sorry she took me by surprise there, she is gone now”.

“whats going on?”

Arlo told him what his father had said and then what his mom had said.

“will she be able to find her?”

“I think so, better get a drink in before she gets back. Looks like I am off it for a while”

Arlo had knocked back two large Vodka’s and was halfway through a beer when he felt his mother. “ahh fuck” he put down the beer “I was not on the clock yet”.

Matt looked at him, Arlo’s eyes were looking away Matt went back to his phone he knew it was not directed at him.

“well, your on it now! She is in the station”

“what station?”

“the Garda station”

“bollox, give me the phone” Matt knew he was now talking to him.

He rang his dad and told him Laura was being questioned in the same station he had left that afternoon.

James hung up and rang his lawyer. He was already in town. Going to have a meal with his wife so he would swing by. James jumped in his car and made his way to the station.

Arlo and Matt left the flat and headed to the station.

Chapter Eleven

Adam’s had gone for lunch. He had enough of Killeen and his made up sayings and he wanted to give Laura time to stew.  

Killeen was back at his desk waiting for Adam’s to come back. He was googling egg saying to check if he was right. he could not find it anywhere but that does not mean he was wrong.

Killeen looked up and saw Adam’s come back in the door. “you ready to do this?” Adams pointed at the door. Killeen nodded and followed him over.

Laura had composed herself and had a bunch of tissues in her hand. Her makeup was perfect again. Any crying she had done was erased. Adam’s did not like that. He was expecting to see tracks or mascara down her face a big red nose and puffy eyes.

He slammed a file down on the table it was a file he had taken off his desk. It was a thickish file. It related to a fraud case he was also working on. He was betting that Laura would not know that.

He tapped the file as he sat down. “we have it all. Your husband’s testimony, the evidence, the motive, the opportunity. Why don’t you give us the confession?”. Killeen sat down “if you confess that’s 5 years off straight away. The judge will take that into account”.

“I can’t tell you something that’s not true”

“what can you tell us?”

“I don’t know who killed that lady”

“I don’t want to hear about what you don’t know tell me something you do know”.  Adam’s was almost shouting at this point.

Laura started to cry again. Adam’s felt better. He saw the tears running down her face and it somehow made it better.

A red light flashed in the room. Killeen looked at Adam’s

“this is your last chance. I am walking out that door and you will go to jail for murdering Miss Amaechi, NOW TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR”.

“I don’t know anything” Laura was sobbing. Tears crashed onto the table. Then the door opened and in walked her husband’s Lawyer. He was dressed in a black suit with a dicky bow. She was so taken back. She did not know what was going on. “GET OUT OF THIS ROOM NOW” he shouted at Adam’s and Killeen. He sounded pissed. The two Garda left. “are you alright Mrs. Thomas?”

“they are going to charge me with Murder”.

“no they are most certainly not. You have nothing to worry about”

“but they have a big file and evidence, everything”.

“Mrs. Thomas. Laura, please come with me we are leaving”. He put out his hand and Laura took it. He guided her out of the room. When they got outside Adam’s was at his desk and Killeen walked over to them “what’s going on, we are not finished”.

“trust me son you are finished, you might as well hand in your badge now because by the time I am finished with you AND HIM” pointing at Adam’s “you will wish you could just quit”. He pushed Killeen out of the way and walked past him holding onto Laura like a linebacker. He got to the door to reception looked around at the officer on duty “open this fucking door now”. The officer did and he walked out holding onto Laura.

Arlo and Matt had just got to the station when Laura was being walked out. Laura wrapped her arms around Arlo and cried. Once Laura had calmed down Matt got a taxi, They said goodbye and thanks to the lawyer and brought Laura back to their Flat.

Arlo rang his dad when they got into the taxi. He picked up right away. “I am about twenty minutes away”.

“dad, relax, we have Laura we are bring her to our flat”.

“okay I will meet you there, is she okay?”

“yes, she is. Don’t kill yourself getting here okay she is safe”. Arlo hung up.

James looked at his speed and eased off the pedal. 

A little while later James pulled up outside Arlo’s flat. James thought he might have gotten there in record time, but the lift was taking forever he stood there pressing the call button for what seemed like an hour. Every couple of seconds he would look at the door to the stairs go to head that way and he would hear the lift moving.

He finally made it up to Arlo’s flat, the door was already open and in he went Laura was up right away when she saw him and the two hugged just inside the doorway.

“is this a bad time?” a voice came from the doorway.

Laura and James spun around. Arlo glanced over at the door. “not at all, come on in. now it’s a party”.

James moved aside holding on to Laura. Steve walked past him and into the flat. Arlo and Matt was sitting at the kitchen table. Steve put a file down on the table. “what I owe you”

“would you like a drink?”

“why not” Steve pulled back a seat and sat down.

Laura and James walked over to the table. Arlo had poured Laura a drink when they got back just to steady her nerves. Laura picked up her drink and sipped it. Matt had a drink. Now he poured Steve a drink.

All the time this was going on James was thinking to himself (that’s strange I have a bottle like that at home, as he got closer the penny dropped) “you little shit” he was looking at Arlo.


“that’s my Grey goose Vodka”

“what really? Matt brought it home the other day. I had no idea” Arlo faked surprise and shock while looking at Matt.

“fuck off” Matt’s face had turned red.

“don’t worry Matt, I know what he is like” James patted him on the shoulder. “You better give me one before the bottle is gone, and who is this chap?”

“this is the reporter who tried to set Arlo up” Matt piped in.

Steve nodded at James.

“we are cool now” Arlo added.

Steve nodded in agreement. “good, nice to meet you reporter with no name” “Steve” he stood up and shook James’s hand. He nodded hello to Laura who had not left James’s side.

“Matt poured James a drink and James lifted his glass. “Pain makes you stronger. Tears make you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser and vodka makes you not remember any of that shit”. He knocked back his drink. Everybody apart from Arlo knocked back their drink. “we are off” James bowed and waved. He took Laura by the hand and the two of them walked out closing the door behind them.

“he is a nice guy”

“he is” Arlo smiled.

“you not drinking tonight” Steve lifted his glass as Matt poured another helping into it.

“no, I am off it”. Arlo smiled.

“well, there is always a first” Matt scoffed.

Arlo dragged the file Steve had brought with him over to himself and opened it.

Adam’s had gone home after Laura had left. He felt he was so close and yet that Lawyer was a battle axe. If shit hit the fan Killeen was taking the fall. That was for dam sure.

He had just gotten into his car outside the station when he felt something like a spider crawl over his neck. He shivered and wiped at the back of his neck. He started up the car and drove home. Every now and again he would wipe his neck just to make sure there was no spider there.

He never put on the radio while he was driving. He thought it was a distraction and like phones in cars it should be outlawed. He was thinking about the case. About Mrs. Thomas. A voice came from the back of the car “maybe it was the two of them”.

Adam’s swerved the car, he pulled in and jumped out of the car. He opened the back door and was ready to fight. Nothing. nobody there.

“who is there” sweat was starting to form on his brow.

There was no answer. He checked the car again and slowly got back in. he started it up and drove on. He was just turning into his driveway when he heard the voice again “the two of them fucking did it”.

Yet again he nearly crashed just slamming on the brake before sending his car through his front window. “who the fuck is that?”

He jumped out of his car and stood looking into it. “who is there?” he pulled open the back door again, he bent down to make sure nobody was on the floor. Leaving the door open he took his key out and popped the trunk. Jumping back as it opened then slowly moving forward to investigate.

He rubbed his head, slamming the trunk and the back door. He locked up his car and walked into his house.

“hello hunny, I am home” he said as he walked into the empty house. his wife had left him years ago. He turned on the lights as he was passing from room to room. The voice had spooked him. He made his way to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of beer and stood there looking into a near empty fridge.

“fuck this” he said closing the fridge and picking up his phone. “Pizza it is”. Adam’s would often talk out loud to himself at home. It broke the stillness since his wife left.

he was waiting on the pizza to come thinking about what the voice had said (the two of them) Adam had the wife pegged for it. What if the voice was right what if they both killed her.

“how do I prove it?”

“do you need proof?” the voice said.

“who is that?” Adam’s looked around picking up a kitchen knife. “tell me who you are?”

“I am you; You are me” the voice said.

“this is not funny, IS THAT YOU KILLEEN?”

“I am you, or the you, you want to be”

“I have lost it, I have fucking walked up to the edge and jumped over, what the fuck”.

“stop your whining, pull yourself together and let’s get those murderers”

“I am going fucking crazy”

The doorbell rang and Adams sprinted to it and flung open the door. “can you hear somebody talking?”

“yes, you are”. The pizza man took a step back thinking he was going to get a beating.

“no not me somebody else talking, go on talk now!”

The pizzaman pushed the box into Adam’s hands “no pal, just the two of us here. I am going now” he backed further away down the garden till his arse hit the gate then he turned and ran for his car.

“just the one of us” the voice came back and Adams nearly dropped the pizza. Adam’s opened a drawer in the kitchen. The drawer that held everything and anything from batteries to a comb to keys that he had no idea where they were for but did not want too through them out.

He pushed a few bits aside and found what he was looking for. A 1980’s Walkman/ radio. The earphones were still in it. He pressed the Radio nothing. he popped out the batteries and replaced them with new ones. He clicked the radio button again and noise came over the earphones. He adjusted the side switch to tune in the stations, but they were hit and miss. He opened the cassette player to find a cassette inside. Original Recipe by the Crash test dummies. He pressed play.

The voice asked him if he wanted to be the man who caught the killers. It asked him if he was man enough to do the job. It talked to him. No matter how loud he turned up the cassette player he could not drowned out the voice.

He had very little pizza that night, but he drank every beer he had in the fridge. He had twelve. He was swaying on his way to bed. he had stopped talking to himself, but the voice had not. He was trying to push the voice out of his head. He got into bed and the voice stopped. He thought to himself oh thank god. He was asleep in minutes but awake screaming minutes later.

He saw such horrific images when he fell asleep, dead people, injuries and blood, dead babies. He tried to sleep again. The same thing happened. He found himself drunk sitting on the side of his bed crying holding his head. This went on for hours. Finally, he drifted off and was enjoying his sleep. When his arm slipped off his knee dropping his head and sending him flying onto the floor. His nose took the impact. Blood sprayed his bedroom floor.

He collapsed where he was. He woke the following morning with his head pounding and his nose ached. He had dried blood caked on to his face.    

this is not the end of chapter eleven but I am uploading what I have so if people are reading this they have something to read over the weekend.

Right the last two Chapters are getting exciting, i am starting the pay off. as I said before you want readers to get information so they can almost predict where the story is going. so the last two chapters I have filled in some of the back story. explained what happened in Scotland, how Arlos mom gave him this gift and why she left.

we are still progressing with the Garda investigation, Adam’s and Killeen are trying everything they can to pin this on somebody either James or Laura. I have added another non Saying by Killeen, I have a funny feeling he is going to Die right after he does a saying.

Adam’s is after meeting the same Ghost James had on him. i think this is greatly going to affect him a lot more than it did with James. Adam’s will be a lot easier to manipulate.