a different point of view.

First report:

It had been nearly seven months getting here, our ship was not the fastest but what do you expect from a mining vessel, we had twenty-three onboard, we all had different jobs. Five of us were the greeting-negotiation crew.

I had spent the seven months first picking up wave upon wave of rubbish, then as we got closer I started getting a numeric code, I spent two weeks getting to know it am was able to find out more about it and the place we were going, once I used the satellites that were orbiting the planet I was able to get a better understanding of the languages. We studied the earthlings for quite some time, they have something similar to us, called race, people are different colours Black, White, Yellow, Brown the list goes on. Unlike our world these colours do not represent wealth or stature in their world

There is also a mixture of colours and sexes some people are woman and some are male. They have reproductive organs that they use to reproduce their offspring.   

There technology is not advanced, and there is no ruler of the planet, the planet is broken up into areas and different humans’ rule these. There are three main powers that I contacted. The USA, Russians and the Chinese.

The first meeting was strained and not very productive. I put forward our proposal and I am waiting their replies.

End report and send!

Free Short Stories for you to read

Kenny starts his day just like everybody else, he wakes up, he uses the toilet, brushes his teeth, has a wash, and gets dressed. Then he makes his way downstairs where his mother has made him breakfast, it is not unusual for a man in his thirties to still live with his mother, he also spends some nights at his boyfriends. Kenny enjoyed his time with both his mom and Ben. He finished his breakfast and washed his dish, he dried it and put it back in the press his mom hated when he left dishes out on the draining board. He kissed his mom on the forehead and walked to work.

Kenny worked in a chemist, he stacked shelves and took in deliveries and kept the storeroom in order, the manager called him shortstop but not in a mean way, he was 5ft 1 so he was aware he was small in stature, everybody who worked there liked him, he was a likable guy. He started at 9am and finished at 4pm. He had an hour lunch and a fifteen-minute brake. During his brake he would walk around the shopping centre that the chemist was located in. For his lunch he usually met up with Ben and grabbed something to eat.

The little space in between the arm of the sofa and the seat, that’s what he had been looking at, he could not remember what he had been looking for. Why he was standing in the garden he had no idea, one of the neighbor’s had waved to him and he lifted his hand to wave back to see the remote control in his hand, he lowered it and looked out from his garden then he looked back down at himself. He was wearing a shirt and shorts, his hairy legs spouting out of the shorts capped off with his slippers. 

He turned to walk back inside and there was a woman standing behind him “okay Mick will we head out for a walk?”

“what? Who are you? I am not going walking in slippers, what type of man wears slippers to go walking”

“alright let’s go back inside and change into your shoes then”

She put her arm around his shoulders and led him back inside, he wondered to himself who she was and why he was letting her lead him inside.

Martin Declan Hayes

a little bit about me:

I was born in 1978 in Dublin,

I have one older sister Victoria, this woman is class. she has everything Brains (she is a scientist), Looks– growing up with a good looking sister is not easy introducing your friends to your sister and they all want to date her, Talent she was in a singing group. and to top it off she is really nice as well, I have spent 43 years looking for her faults but I still have not found them.

  • Family: My father die when I was eight years old.
  • My mother raised me and my sister by herself.
  • Aunt: everybody should have an aunt that’s cool, I had lots. My Aunts Pat, Rita and Bobby where a central part of my upbringing. instilling wisdom and swear words.

if my life was a book the central Character would be my mother, Celine.

I have never met a woman more dedicated to motherhood than my mom and also so naive.

my mother went without food to make sure myself and my sister ate, had clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet.

a great song was written by Al Piantadosi in 1925. and it highlights how I see my mother Pal of My Cradle Days

You sacrificed everything for me
I stole the gold from your hair
I put the silver threads down
I don’t know anyway
I could ever repay
Pal of my cradle days


growing up in Dublin in the eighties and nineties was an amazing time to be alive.

Friends made then, were the best I have ever had. the experiences and the city of Dublin were unrepeatable. A snapshot of highs and lows.

my early life was easy, maybe not at the time but looking back and knowing I did not have bills, responsibilities, when a major issue was the heartbreak you felt after you split from your first love, or starting in a new school and not knowing anybody.

when I look back I remember with fondness my life that I have lived, I remember being seventeen, in love, having a six pack and I don’t mean beer, the feeling of invincibility and my body not being sore when I get up in the morning. I miss them days.