a different point of view.

First report:

It had been nearly seven months getting here, our ship was not the fastest but what do you expect from a mining vessel, we had twenty-three onboard, we all had different jobs. Five of us were the greeting-negotiation crew.

I had spent the seven months first picking up wave upon wave of rubbish, then as we got closer I started getting a numeric code, I spent two weeks getting to know it am was able to find out more about it and the place we were going, once I used the satellites that were orbiting the planet I was able to get a better understanding of the languages. We studied the earthlings for quite some time, they have something similar to us, called race, people are different colours Black, White, Yellow, Brown the list goes on. Unlike our world these colours do not represent wealth or stature in their world

There is also a mixture of colours and sexes some people are woman and some are male. They have reproductive organs that they use to reproduce their offspring.   

There technology is not advanced, and there is no ruler of the planet, the planet is broken up into areas and different humans’ rule these. There are three main powers that I contacted. The USA, Russians and the Chinese.

The first meeting was strained and not very productive. I put forward our proposal and I am waiting their replies.

End report and send!

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